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Post 558 Why ask why, ask how do I make it better 31 Oct 2019 2

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A question that seems to be asked a lot, I am not sure why, as the answer is so apparent. "WHY", my Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) sister or brother. WHY NOT. "YOU" like me are Homo Sapien, (Human), this is a human disease, so why not? That is why we have this condition. Give yourself time to understand and fully comprehend this. It may take "YOU" a few years, but it will come. There is no other rhyme or reason why. What "YOU" can change is how "YOU" choose to react to your condition. Do nothing, sit in that cold dark cellar and cry or my preferred option.

Stand up, straighter, pull your shoulders back, wipe away your tears and ask yourself. "okay, what do I need to start doing to have a livable life ?" "YOU" have it so start doing it and only stop when the dirt falls on your coffin.

There are others who are angry and bitter about what is happening to them. There is no need to be, it just "IS", our lot in this lifetime, we can not change that. People can take away our money, our dreams of being cured, whatever that is, but this condition is ours and ours alone. Chin up, it does not have to be horrible; there is no need to be scared. A little apprehensive maybe, but others have done this and so can "YOU", "YOU"are made of stronger stuff than "YOU" ever imagined.

Within "YOU" is a fire. Maybe a little dim right now, but feed it good fuel and let it light the nights sky. Let it burns so brightly that galaxies away, aliens look into their night Sky and ask what is that? Answer, of course, is YOU.

Royce (the ms writer)

6 Replies
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that is how our daughter is doing hoping to maybe keep from getting it by eating really well and cut out the snacks and stuff not good for her body and get the good rest and exercise more ...sure hope it helps her but then again she is healthier now that before the other things maybe that she ate that she thinks i am doing to not help myself ...i never use to eat much junk but kids did when not at home ,,,,i do now off and on ...i never thought i would of got so heavy and i know well i don't think that is why i got this for i had falls and things before i got fat and she should remember i how i hated falling going up the stairs at her house years before i got fat ....not working and living so far away from them is part of my problems which is dump but that is what started this eating stuff ...up here by myself ...well each to there own lives and happiness does ....laugh ...

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RoyceNewton in reply to twooldcrows

be well and be happy ms or not

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Thank you for the encouraging post. I was angry and bitter when I was diagnosed with my new " close friend" PPMS. But after researching and learning more about it, I have a new attitude. I am not afraid any more. I just read and research and if I don't understand anything I send my doctor a message and he lets me know what's going on. I plan to let my light burn. 🧨🔥🌞 Thank you again.

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RoyceNewton in reply to Cutefreckles72

great way to live, actually only way to live

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Good post, as always, Royce :-D

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RoyceNewton in reply to carolek572

thank you sis

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