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do not be frustrated with this condition

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It is challenging not to be frustrated with your multiple sclerosis(ms) journey. This is a lifelong disease. When "YOU" pass to whatever "You" may believe, "YOU like me my friend will have lived a life with some form of ms. There is no cure, there is no way out of it, no matter what "YOU" are told. It takes some time and is perhaps a little more difficult than "YOU" had planned.

We all have to find our own way to come to terms with this, be at ease with this, come to terms with what we may have lost, and accept that no matter what we do, we may lose more. This is a fact of our illness. We all are sick, and nobody can tell us why and nobody can make it go away. There are ways that we can slow down the disease progression; there are things that we can do to make our lives easier and more joyful.

This disease "WILL" progress for most of us. "YOU" like me will shed tears be angry at everything. Sit in a corner and sulk. This is normal, having erratic emotional mood swings is normal, as is asking why me, what did I do to suffer like this. The answer is very easy and obvious. This is a Homo Sapien condition. "WE" are Homo Sapiens, so it is something we may face, and we did and do.

Be at ease with yourself, and if "YOU" can others, I say that though I still think my x wife is an arsehole, but that is another story. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and just see your body and if "YOU" are doing something wrong to it stop doing it. "YOU" will not see everything but what "YOU" are doing wrong "YOU' can fix. Just ease up on yourself, forgive yourself and when "YOU" are ready feel free to continue on your ms journey. I am waiting, but I will wait as long as "YOU" need, for this is your journey.


just walking with you, holding hands

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Great read 👍once you get past frustration and learn to accept the new you it becomes easier to handle the ever changing of our MS life 🙏👍🤔 Ken 🐾🐾😊

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RoyceNewton in reply to Kenu

easier, never easy but yes much easier

Giving up won't slowdown the disease progression.

Be a warrior.

Do not give up hope.

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I guess that is one way of thinking, each to their own my friend

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Considering the scienfic developments in MS, it is not right to give up hope.

No amount of grief would change the past.


Good read. I love how to take the sugar coating away and reveal the truth about dealing with MS. The sooner we learn to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps & realize that it isn't going away anytime soon, the better we can deal with it. So take it one day at a time with a positive attitude!


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