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I am going on holiday for two weeks or so


I love you all, but it is the 50th, so I have a holiday I have been saving for. Saving very badly but hey I like toys, and they have had some good ones in the last decade, and I have a lot of them, and the debt to prove it.

By now everybody knows full well my attitude towards this condition. "YOU CAN; YOU WILL, YOU DO Relapsing Remitting ms(RRms)" I say it to "YOU", I believe it and to the best of my ability I live it. Sometimes I fail, fail miserably. That is okay. I brush myself off, patch the cuts and scrapes. Pull my shoulders back wipe the tears away and take a step, then another and another. I am beaten when they throw that very last sod of earth on my grave. Until then Left, Right, Left, Right, never stop moving. Learn all that "YOU" can. Adapt your new knowledge to your circumstances and implement the changes that "YOU" need most. Do not be upset by failures just learn from them or accept them. None of us is perfect, we are learning. Mistakes are okay, just learn from them. It is all about learning and accepting this condition. Do not give in and surrender to it, just find your way to make your ms journey as comfortable and as fulfilling as "YOU" possibly can.

You can You will You do are my words, perhaps take a few minutes and think of some that have meaning to "YOU" Use them if "YOU" like but feel free to change them. There are only three rules in RRms.

1 wear your protective underwear

2 Take your Disease-modifying therapy (DMY)

3 Never give up because there is never a need to.

Have a wonderful two weeks, and thank you very much for the birthday wishes I appreciate it. I will see "YOU" all when I get back.


Relax it is only RRms, and it is really no big deal, mostly annoying and we have got this handled.

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ENJOY your vacation. and Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday! 🎂🎁🎀🎈 Have a great vacation. a Picture collage would be nice when your return😊😊

Happy 50th for Saturday. Enjoy your vacation, are you going anywhere warm? Have fun, blessings Jimeka 🦋


Have a great time and report back!

Hope you have a fabulous vacation and everything goes as planed 👍. I agree just keep plugging along and don’t let MS control us, we control it👍🙏😁. Ken 🐾


Enjoy yourself and have a Happy Birthday :-D

Carole :-D

Have fun RoyceNewton Enjoy and have fun! *Try* not to overdo it, I know it's easier said than done :)


Happy 50th RoyceNewton! I hope you have a great time on your vacation!

Have fun!!! Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂🎁🎉😊❤🌷

RoyceNewton Have a wonderful get away! And may you be as inspiring in the next half century as you have in the first!!! (No emojis on my laptop or I would add a cake ablaze with candles to represent all the light you bring to these pages)


Happy 50th RoyceNewton enjoy your vacation! Be safe and be careful! See you when you get back! 🤗💕


I miss you already Royce! Have a great vaca!!

YOU deserve a wonderful holiday! Enjoy, and report back what a wonderful time you had!

Happy Birthday Royce

I remember 50.

50 was good.

Royce, you blessed me with your encouragement, inspiration and wisdom! We all learn and need each other's support, please enjoy your Birthday; celebrate you!

Enjoy your vacation -


Happy Birthday ,have a wonderful holiday. I love your positive attitude.

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