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let us see what we shall see ... MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Yes my friend,s it is that time of the year again. It actually happens most years around this date. No, I am not talking about my birthday, though that did happen around this date. I am thinking New Years and another year for all of us doing the absolute utmost to live as well as we can with our travelling companion.

Unexpected and rather unwanted things may happen to us in the next twelve months. "OR" maybe nothing at all. Just another year in one of many lived and to live through along our journey.

Are "YOU" prepared to make it a genuinely uneventful year. A year where not much happens. A year that can be looked back at, and asked where did it go nothing happened? This is our aim, our goal, my friends. ms will try to change that, it wants to make the next year on our journey a continuous uphill climb with lots and lots of slips and slides.

Expect this, be ready for the unexpected. Hopefully "YOU" know more today about this condition than "YOU" did yesterday. "YOU" do not live in despair and fear. ms can and may do x y z things to your body but "YOU" my friend are prepared for it. "YOU" are able to bend like the bamboo forests during a typhoon. Bend, bend, bend, but never break. Because "YOU" are strong, "YOU" are able and "YOU" can "DO" this. It is only Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) and it has met its match in "YOU". Believe in yourself, believe strongly. Never doubt that "YOU" can, others may not believe in "YOU", but I for one, always will. When "YOU" doubt yourself for a moment just know deep inside "YOU" that "YOU" are never alone. We are on this journey together, hand in hand as one. ms wants us to be alone and scared and "YOU" are not alone and if "YOU" are scared just hold my hand a little tighter, it will be okay, shed a tear, sit for a minute we will carry on when "YOU" are ready. We are not racing, just strolling along our path.


As much as I can be I am here with "YOU"

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Hello Royce,

And thank you for this post. I agree with YOU in that we should all enjoy the journey. Don't just go trod through day after day ~ do something that YOU enjoy doing! Photography, poetry, writing, gardening, painting, quilting, enjoying the company of your loved ones, and yes, skiing. What I am trying to say is 'do not fritter your life away'

And yes, YOU have 'ms' but don't let that define you!

Carole :-D

I don't put YOU in quotes because YOU should never be contained, 'ms' on the other hand...

Thank you for the smile YOU brought to my face

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton

You are very welcome :-D

Nice to see you back Royce, I hope that you are well rested 🎄

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RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

well rested and thinking of the next adventure

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RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

well rested, I have been retired since30, yes I am very well rested

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you Royce. Yes, another year ‘bout gone and a new one to take it’s place just around the corner. My hope for the new year is to be at least in the same place I am now....not likely, but a boy can dream.

I wish you and all the rest of us the best in the new year and a breakthrough that will cure us all.

Like I said, a boy can dream.


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RoyceNewton in reply to CraigS

Dreams are good things, best to you & yours

Yes together we are truly stronger.


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ROYCE! YOUR back!!!! 🤗💕


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