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Had my follow up visit with my Neuro yesterday

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It was a good visit. He confirmed that my MRI was clear of any new MS activity :) For my headaches, he prescribed a blood pressure medication (low dose) - Verapamil. I asked about magnesium for my headaches and told him that others I knew said magnesium helped them but he doesn't think that it helps...thought that was odd.

He ordered blood work and just received my results online today and it looks like my numbers are coming up. He said the numbers would have to keep getting low for 6 months before he would take me off the Tecfidera so I'm glad my numbers are going up.

For my spasms, because they start about an hour before I'm due for my dose, he prescribed 10 mg of baclofen that I can take every 2 hours instead of taking 20mg every 4 hours. We shall see how that works. I don't have high hopes but it's worth a shot. I also take Tegretol for my spasms once at night time because if I take it twice a day it makes my spams worse.

I think that is all. He did have a student nurse with him and she was very nice and they worked well together. Better than previous neuros that had student nurses that they let do everything before they even came into the room...no teaching there.


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Pleased that it went well Jessie, hope the blood pressure pill works for your headaches, blessings Jimeka 🦋

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bxrmom in reply to jimeka

Thanks so much, jimeka I hope it does as well. Time will tell. He sent the rx to my mail order rx company so they should probably arrive by late next week.


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jimeka in reply to bxrmom

Let us know how they work, give them a few days though to get into your system 🤗

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bxrmom in reply to jimeka

I will give them time to work jimeka ;) Thanks.

Glad to hear everything is good and you have a plan to work with! I hope you’re good to go now.

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bxrmom in reply to kdali

Thanks, kdali I think I am good to go now. If the blood pressure meds don't work then I will ask my Neuro about checking my magnesium levels to see what is going on. Time will tell.


Glad everything went ok Jessie, 👍Def. Have him chk. Your Magnesium, & maybe even get some for back up, just-in-case.. Love Ya!💓💘💘💐---Jazzy🌹💜

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I hope you do well with the changes. I was recommended to a magnesium creme by the doc that did my neuropsychological testing in July. He wanted to have me lower the amount of Baclofen which my MS neuro had said I could increase from 20mg. twice daily 6-8 tabs a day. My spasms got much worse with reduced baclofen, so I now take 6 10mg baclofen a day with doctor's ok to take more. More makes me goofy, off balance. Hope the blood pressure med helps.

Very good news hun xxx 😊😊😊😊😊😊


I'm glad it was a good visit.


That's great news! I hope the new meds keep the headaches away. Let us know how that goes.

Good for you, bxrmom . Keep it up. I had horrific migraines before (and after) I was dx'ed with MS, and although they are better now, I still get them once in awhile and use medical marijuana for them rather than opiates. I have been on 800 mg of magnesium every a.m., and every time I had to go to the ER for migraines rescue, they gave me a "cocktail" IV which always included Mg. I have seen improvement with the Mg. I don't know if you are getting migraines or just headaches (my migraines were so horrific that I haven't noticed regular headaches for 35 years) but if you are, I'd hook up with a migraine specialist in addition to your MS neuro. I did, and luckily they were in the same practice and actually spoke to one another! My current neuro knows nothing about migraines and readily admits it. Don't suffer--be proactive and seek advice from someone who knows about them. And I don't mean a pain clinic--those are opiate candy stores. Sukie427

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bxrmom in reply to Sukie427

Thanks so much for the advice Sukie427 I had one REALLY bad migraine and now what I get are tension headaches. I started taking mg last night. I'm taking it twice a day. Haven't noticed an improvement yet but its too early to know that. I will have to look and see if we have a migraine specialist in our area or if Medicare covers one (would think they would) but ya never know.


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Sukie427 in reply to bxrmom

Jessie, so long as they're recognized health care providers who take Medicare it shouldn't be a problem. It wasn't for me--they paid them both and I never heard so much as a peep out of Medicare. I think that you just might not be able to see them both on the same day or some such baloney. It would be good for you to know if they are in fact migraines or just tension headaches (which can pretty bad in their own right) so you'll get the proper treatment.

Forgot to mention--Verapamil is marketed as Calin--I was on that about 30 yrs ago when I first started migraine treatment. Didn't work for me, but then I am weird with meds. Just make sure that if you get dizzy or lightheaded you call your doc immediately! Sukie

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