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Hmm were "YIU" nice to yourself today?


That is the question, so what is your answer? If "YOU" can not be nice to yourself. Accepting of your difficulties, your insecurities and mistakes. If "YOU" just give up n yourself. How can "YOU" ever expect others to stand with "YOU"? That is a serious question and "YOU" deserve to ask it of yourself, think very very hard and give yourself an answer.

People I hope are faithful to me are, and I return there generosity by being the best me that I can. I fail miserably often, but I get back up and try again to do. I can not give up for them or for me. I will do the utmost to make them, the 90-year-old me, and me of today proud. I believe if I had children I would do it for them as well. Let them say "my dad had ms, but boy did he do it well"

ms affects my body, but I choose how much it affects my mind, how much it affects what others see. I like "YOU" have choices in this ms journey. My choice is to look them straight in the eye, laugh, square my shoulders and to not show weakness. Now when nobody can see me, I can shake, shudder and shed a tear, but they do not need to see that. Ever.

No matter how hard, how embarrassing or how much it hurts. Let what others see is what "YOU" want them to. Be strong, if you fall, dust yourself off and get up. If "YOU" soil yourself, square your shoulders look straight ahead and walk out the door. How "YOU" carry yourself does have an effect on those around "YOU". Carry yourself proudly and "DO" your ms. It will not go away yet. One day maybe just not yet. This is a doable condition, just put yourself in a mindset to "DO IT"


Standing as strong as I can

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And asking for help does not display any weakness, it in fact, shows strength, to realize that you are capable of doing it, with assistance. And do it, you will! So, be nice to yourself, and remind yourself that you are not giving up by asking for help. You are sharing in the victory!

Stay strong,

Carole :-D

way to go

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