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Unnumbered post Today is really nice 19 Mar 2020


Good Morning my ms family, how are we all today, did "YOU" sleep restfully last night? I most certainly hope everybody did. Just to make everybody in cold climates jealous let me tell "YOU" about the crew outside my window.

There is not a cloud in the sky. It must have rained last night as the concrete outside is wet. The coffee is very strong and black. A little drop of honey and Turmeric and Cinnamon. I drink my coffee spiced. There must be a dozen birds outside all squawking and having their say. The breeze is blowing gently and Bob Marley is reminding me that everything will be all right.

Today is a wonderful day to be alive, I wonder what adventures await me today?

Royce (the ms writer)

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“Did you sleep well?"

"No, I made a couple of mistakes.”

― Steven Wright


yes I slept well, the first time I got 8 hours sort of

You've gone pro! :)

Pain and a teenage gamer had me up and down all night.

Resting and working on chores. I got out for a short drive, just to see something different earlier. Everything is turning green including my radar. It’s been storming this morning.

A moment of peace amidst chaos!

that is all we can wish for and work towards


Open the windows, let the sun warm your face, drink your coffee (tea) and rejoice in all that is, Royce! :-D Thank you for being a friend

I like it! 😁


yes slept much better and yes the sun is out ,still very cold but snow is melting pretty fast ....have a wonderful day and yes the coffee is great this morning ..

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