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Unnumbered post A nice day today


Today is nice. I can hear children laughing in the park. My joint dog got shaved and washed. There are clouds in the sky, my street is clean more water is safe to drink. Tonight I will have leftovers which i may even heat. The kitchen floor needs to be moped but that is a tomorrow job. No new pieces of me are broken. I still pee on my toes, I used to be able to pee up the wall but those days are gone, But and it is a huge BUT, I can still see, hear and sort of taste. Today is a good day to be alive. I like today, maybe tomorrow will be just as good. I am so lucky and if "YOU" bothered to read this to the end so are "YOU".

Royce (the M.s. writer)

I appreciate your kind words, and most of all I appreciate "YOU", yes YOU

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I am just waking up and so far so good here. Still gotta get outta bed but i think today will be great too.

Although i am a girl so i dont gotta worry about aiming when i pee 😉

well who aims just spray so I am told :-)

Lol 🤣🤣

hahaha Royce, your post, usually have something I have to laugh at... we hit what we hit and dont what we dont.....re blessed.

RoyceNewton in reply to jackiesj

laughing is very good

If u cant laugh ..... well then watch a funny show or movie. Laughing is necessary when u have MS i think

I agree

The fact that I wake up makes it a good day. Everything else is added benefits that makes the day even better.

very good point


Gentle vHug and vSmile to you, Royce :-D

I will always be here reading your musings :-D

thanks very mush I needed some encouragement today. This is not my best time of year, thanks and back at you mate.

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton

Not my best time of the year, either but I try and keep smiling :-D

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