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Hmm rewrite your future


What an opportunity we all have every day, Worth really having a think about. I am never going to fly Jumbo jets out of Home Kong. I am never going to drive really fast cars or jump out of aeroplanes again but I do get to reinvent myself every morning when my eyes open.

What shall I be or do today, what might I see? Every day is a new day and my juggling skills are recharging and adapting and getting better I am learning my ms, I will NEVER STOP ;earning my ms, but I WILL , I will persevere, I will NOT sit in the corner and cry. For to long anyway:-)

I CAN I WILL, I AM riding this rollercoaster, yes there are scary bits but I can do this, and if I CAN U CAN AS WELL, I am nobody special. Just remember u have 2 choices. Do or Do Not. Make that choice to DO & remember if u do not succeed at firs,t try try and try again.

It may not get simple but u can find away through YOUR ms maze. Rewrite yourself a GLORIOUS future, because u CAN. Believe pm yourself and forgive yourself. Find that something that u can holo to & hold tight.


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Another encouraging post Royce. Builds me up, thank you 🦋 🍫 🌈 😊

RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka



Thank you

That’s all good to say but I get really ticked off at how I was treated by the people I use to work for but people like but I have to say good riddance to them and open that next door but you know what it’s truly scary is to open that door but I will

Good luck to you


RoyceNewton in reply to ssdw1958

Sorry mate the opening of the door is easy. Now crossing the threshold that might be very interesting. People are people & they will be have in their best interest always, they probably do not care so much about you but more about how it will effect them.

Make your choice to know that they are a..holes and u are heading over that neat threshold and whats done and said is then u r in the now, and they really are a ..holes and smile.


Oh what a wonderful picture you painted for us! I am taking CBD oil capsules that have no THC in them. My mental clarity has sharpened up to where I am able to keep my focus and am trying new things again. Also, my pain and spasticity has eased off. The big pharma folks are sweating because so many of us are throwing their poisons out the window. Please know how much I always appreciate your posts.

My CBD had 5-10% THC just for effectiveness, probably closer to 5 is ok & Thank you very much, glad somebody reads my ramblings:-)


Thank you, I needed that! Yesterday I had my Ocrevus infusion and came home with a fever and felt drained. I felt terrible, about having to put that chemical in my body, but most of all, having MS.

Most of the time I feel like "I've got this!" But other times I feel like it's got me. Yesterday was definitely one of those times.

I hope we all feel like "I've got this!" as much as possible.

Hopr u r feeling better today.

Royce, thank you, love this message and made me start on my journals again...awesome...

Thank you


Awe Royce, what an awesome post! I find since I've joined this chat room, slightly over 2 years ago, that what I have learned to hold on the tightest to are other members in this chat room who truly understand, who offer encouragement, and who never give up! It is in the shadow of all the heroes in this chat room who wage war against this Relentless monster with that can do attitude and I have learned to wages my own war against this monster! When times get tough and I feel like giving up I turn to my dearest friends in the chat room for support. They help to lift me up On Eagle's Wings as once again I pick up the fight and keep going even though my endurance has fled my body long before. I sometimes cry over the battle that I wage and the small skirmishes that I lose but that's okay. The tears help to cleanse my soul and with them dried off my cheeks, I renew the fight even though till I have nothing left to give. After all what choice do we have? To give up is not in my nature and it's easiest for me to live my life in accordance with the old adage that my glass is half full not half empty. Royce, thank you for your encouragement, for your wisdom, and for the important role you play in our chat room! Fancy.

Thank you so very much I am very glad I met you, & am glad this will carry on.


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