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Relapsing Remitting ms, the MOST important thing, maybe


Relapsing Remitting ms (RRms) the most important thing, two things actually.

Number one and perhaps the most important. There is no cure and honestly that is cool. There are treatments and "YOU" should use tham. As for cures there are none, yet. Look for them but keep your money in your wallet.

Number two, no I think this is more important, "YOU" decide. "YOU" my friend are scared, but "YOU" will be alright, this is a very doable condition. Challenging, frustrating, very confusing, but without a doubt "YOU" CAN, COPE and DO this. Say it again, one more time. Believe it, make it your mantra. Carry it with "YOU" for all your many years. No matter what RRms may and will do to your body "YOU" CAN COPE. Others have, but that does not matter. "YOU" can and my friend "YOU" matter, believe in yourself as I believe in "YOU". As we all believe in "YOU".

Learn about yourself, do not just endlessly suffer and take pills. We all have this condition. Learn from it, learn yourself. Give RRms a purpose in your life and that of others. Make it a good one, one of which "YOU" one day will be proud to day was yours. One day far in the future "YOU" will not be here, let people have a memory of how strong "YOU" were. There is no need to touch the entire world. Those closest to "YOU" are all that "YOU" need to show. Make them proud, set a good example, let them see how strong and resilient "YOU" really are and "YOU" are closest to yourself. Remember that.

This is a doable but challenging disease. There are obstacles ahead, some "YOU" may not think that "YOU" have the strength to move through. My friend, "YOU" DO and "YOU" can, believe in yourself and just keep moving through your RRms life, with your head high, your shoulders back and eyes straight ahead, a know it all smart alec (arse\ass) smirk is always good. Believe in yourself, believe that if anybody can "YOU" can.


I have missed you all

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Hey Royce, good to hear from you. How is down under? Are you having a good catch up with your mum? How is she doing? How are you doing? Blessings Jimeka 😊

RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

she is doing well, glad to have me home for a few months


Thank you for this post RoyceNewton You reminded ME that I am strong mentally & physically! I have been having butterflies about my trip to NYC tomorrow with a friend. My first big trip since going numb & eventually being DX ‘d with MS . I can do this! Thank you 😊

my pleasure

G'day, mate! Has anyone given you a veggie bite sandwich yet? Okay, I have, too, missed your uplifting posts. Thank you :-D

veggie bite sandwich, what is that?

From the song ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work, the singer mentions a woman giving him a veggiemite sandwich. :-D

not actually a big fan of vegemite, I prefer promite

I had a co worker a long time ago who lived in Australia and would often mention that she loved veggiemite and that it wasn’t available in the US. I will need to see what promite is. Can you use it as a spread in a sandwich like veggie mite? :-D

they are both black yeast spreads, promote to my palate is not quite as salty, both you use sparingly

Yes, my friend would say that she would use Veggiemite instead of mayonnaise. The way that she described it, it sounded good. Promite sounds better, though. :-D

salty as all get out just use it sparingly on toast

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