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When you were a kid what did you do to entertain yourself?


When I was younger we were always outside doing something

We played with glue,

have spit ball fights,

pass notes in class ,

call people on the phone

Arts and crafts

have pen pals

collect cards, dolls, etc now it’s all valuable if you still have it

What did you do?

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I remember that!!! Lol I played outside ALOT! I was only aloud to play Nintendo for 1 hour a day. 😊❤🌷

Yep. Play outside for endless hours. 😊


Roller skates.. rode bikes.. played in the dirt and would read outside, on the top of Sonny💕🐎(he was a Clydesdale.)🤣😂 But if I could be outside I was!🤗💕


RoseySawyer in reply to Jesmcd2

I miss my rollerblades. 😁❤🌷

Ali_B62 in reply to RoseySawyer

I miss my skates too but I might just need the purple bubble suit on when skating these days, 😂

RoseySawyer in reply to Ali_B62

Same here. No balance what so ever. 😁❤🌷

Freedom was a bike, and being outside until the street lights came on then you had to go home...

bxrmom in reply to Juliew19673

Yes, had to head home when the street lights came on.

RoseySawyer in reply to bxrmom

Same here. Lol 😁❤🌷

I joke with this one guy I dated about having to be home before the street lights coming on.

He lived in the suburbs where they didn’t how Streetlights so I would always tell him when I visited him that I had to be home before the streetlights or I would be in big trouble.

We didn't have a color TV until I was in high school. We rarely watched TV anyway, since we were outside as much as possible, reading, playing piano (or torturing it and my parents), or playing games. I actually feel very sorry for kids now.

Do I sound like a curmudgeon? Ok. Get off my grass.

I stayed outside. Played hide and seek, built forts out of hay bales, climbed trees, rode horses, barrel racing starting at age 3, basketball, flag and touch football, softball and baseball, foot races of all sorts, dodge ball, jumping out of second story windows just for the fun of it. Surprisingly not a single broken bone until I was 39. I was running and put my foot in a pothole the wrong way. Broke my ankle. Concussions had plenty as a kid, 5 by age 18. They weren't taken as seriously then as they are now. I was a wild child.😁😎😁

rjoneslaw in reply to Peruzzot

Man I would have loved to have been your childhood friend

Ali_B62 in reply to rjoneslaw

Me too! ☺

1strider in reply to Peruzzot

Yep, sounds like my neighborhood, without barrel racing and the pothole was a Yellowjacket bee nest. Telephone hung on the kitchen wall, TV was not invented yet and a big piece of cardboard was the best sled ever. The parent's playing cards clothes pinned to the spokes of your bike were your motor. "those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end..."

Peruzzot in reply to 1strider

Never used card board as a sled...But we did use snow shovels for that purpose. One of the neighbor kids tried using an old plastic shower curtain once too but that didn't work as well as he thought it would...the snow hadn't been packed down well enough yet so he sank into the snow instead. Everybody got a good laugh out of it though.

RoseySawyer in reply to Peruzzot

I used trashcan lids. 👍❤🌷

kycmary in reply to 1strider

I remember the cardboard sleds wet the hill with water a running jump and that cardboard would fly. the memories wonderful

I was outside swimming,iceskating and playing outdoor games with friends. Indoors I would draw or paint or fight with my sister.Lol!

Baseball, Kickball, Freeze Tag. Endless games. 😊❤🌷


Our house was at the base of a hill, so summertimes we played cowboy & Indians, pretended to hunt. Faithful German shepherd Rusty, alway along as our protector. We caught lizards and kept them at home for the summer, then released. We caught chipmunks, tamed them, made little collars and would pin the other end on our shirts, so they could sleep in the shirt pocket. When we weren't on the hill, we played down at the river, catching crawdads, fishing for catfish and carp(yuk!) In those days, parents and kids never had to worry about our safety. We'd pack our lunches, fruit and be gone all day. Oh, what fun we had. In the winter, when the river froze over we'd skate in the afternoons and evenings. I started ice-skating at 4 yrs old. We had a "Party-line" phone and we kids were not allowed to touch it. Anybody remember party line phones?

Peruzzot in reply to CalfeeChick

I remember the party line phone. My dad cancelled ours when he couldn't get 2 yaking women off the line so he could call the doctor. I ate what i thought were giant blueberries. My dad took me peddle to the metal to the nearest emergency room. The berries i ate were deadly nightshade. They're not native to michigan. Before we left the hospital my dad cancelled that party line.

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Peruzzot

thank goodness your Dad got you to Doctor and help so quickly. I remember my mom telling others to get off the line because one of my sisters would be calling.

I remember them my uncle would be on it and dare us to touch it

erash in reply to CalfeeChick

Did u 🚵‍♀️?

rjoneslaw in reply to erash

I did bike ride but my mother put a stop to that when I flipped over the bike and couldn’t tell her how or what I was doing. To this day I have a long scar down my right calf that looks like a snake. Now I just tell my mother I wanted a tattoo and that was the only way I could get it

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to erash

My bike at the time was a hand me down bike close to what a "Cruiser" bike is now. We'd ride around town but avoided the hills. When I was about 16 another friend and I took off on the cruisers for a 22 mile ride that was downhill the first half and uphill the second half. We had to push those heavy bikes for miles until some friends came looking for us. I think I slept for 24hrs after that adventure!

1strider in reply to CalfeeChick

Our phone number was cedar23, and we knew when the bus was turning onto our street at the top of the hill because the wires hanging over the middle of the street would spark. Frog gigging in the pond was an evening pastime.

Peruzzot in reply to 1strider

What is frog gigging?

1strider in reply to Peruzzot

We had a pond in the front of our house and were serenaded by bull frogs every evening. Frog gigging is cruising the edge of the pond in a small boat quietly, one person in the front and one in the stern slowly moving. the front guy has a 3 prong fork on a stick and stabs a frog to put into the boat for it's legs. Frog legs with eggs for breakfast.

kycmary in reply to 1strider

I didn't frog gig until after I was married a couple of years, a friend brought a gig and we all went down to the pond, didn't have a boat but waders & 5gallon bucket was the first time I had frog legs. They were good Mary

rjoneslaw in reply to kycmary

No thank you to eating frog legs. Why when someone wants you to try something it has to taste like chicken?

kycmary in reply to rjoneslaw

My friend fried them in bacon grease they tasted more like bacon than any thing else.

kycmary in reply to kycmary

Last night I slept good my hubby woke me up @ 10:30 this morning. I went to bed about 10 last night.

I love putting glue on my hands And peeling it off. But I used to ride my bike all the time going swimming playing with Barbies. Being out doors and sledding and ice skating. Kids nowadays they don’t go outside as much.

rjoneslaw in reply to ssdw1958

Kids don’t go outside at all. They’re stuck on the phone, video games, or the computer

They don’t know how to create fun out of nothing like we did as kids. We have imagination

💗👍Yeppers, I remember, being outside, rode my hotrses🐎🐎 in the beautiful meadows ,& went roller skating, played w/ friends, climbed trees, miracle no broken bones till, I was about 39 too Peruzzot, I slipped on ice & broke my R. Wrist & arm, ouch!😰😅 I am more careful now... Too trembly!👋 but yeah, we had soo much fun outside, kids now adays never know what it's like outside!! On their smart phones or Ipads, LOL! Greater!😅😅 get off my lawn!!--Jazzy🌹💜

Parents tell me it’s not safe anymore to let your kids play outside without a watchful eye. So sad.

rjoneslaw in reply to erash

It’s true all the shootings and now kids are getting kidnapped and raped.

A couple of weeks ago a kid went outside to get the paper from his yard and someone tried to kidnap him

riding bikes,kickball,dodgeball.badmitten,so many things outdoors,listening to 45 records!you would buy a new record at kmart and play it over and over

rjoneslaw in reply to pamgarner

We still have 45’s and LP’s. and we have 2 working record players from back in the day

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to rjoneslaw

I have boxes of 45's & LP's, nothing to play them on.. guess I'd better check Ebay and the thrift stores.

When I was a kid I rode my bike and played outside.

Ride bikes with friends and play basketball and other sports at 5th Street Park. We didn't have the games like kids have now.

Rode my bike all day, played kick the can with neighborhood kids and wiffle ball with the neighbor girls. Some days when nobody was around I would go outside and just look at the clouds. When a plane would fly over I would wonder about the people on that airplane and think about flying in one, something I couldn't imagine!

My dad would occasionally take a business trip on a plane and I remember meeting him with my mom and sisters at the airport outside with a chain link fence separating us from the plane. How loud it was! I remember my dad staying home one time from work because he was throwing up. We all thought he was dying because he NEVER stayed home!

I remember my stepdad got a stomach bug & was throwing up we all (the kids)thought he was dying as he was never sick.


I played basketball, Scout's, church activities.


If I respond to your query, I might incriminate myself ~ IF I could only remember! :-D

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