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It really is YOUR choice


That is the crux of the matter isn't it. What do I want, what do I want my life to be, dare a say it "what do I want my life to say"? That is the question for all of US. You as a newbie have options I dreamed of having, old-timers wish they had my options.

it is now your choice, what are you going to do?

Are you going to make good use of your opportunity, OR... It is up to you after all. I and others will suggest and show you options for you to take, & yes you most certainly do have options. 20 years ago I had Betaseron and that was it, Before that people had nothing, Today you have many many more. WILL you take an option and live better than I ever dreamed of? Seriously, will you? I was told how lucky I was as I had an option. I will tell you, you are lucky you have options. Di not throw them away because you are scared or because you will just wait and see how it goes. You are okay now so you have time to wait. Guess what, no you do not. Time in this illness is not your friend.

Take the medicine and start planning, plan like you never imagined you could. Brace yourself for this tide is a little bumpy, but my friend come what may you are going to ride it, so make yourself comfortable and hang on tight because the ms bus is moving and there are no stops, to get off, YET.

Choose wisely it is your choice, this your trip.


ms bus Driver

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Royce, once again I love this post. You hit on many of the same arguments that I've used with some new members. We just can simply remind everyone that they are the best advocates for their own health and it is their choice. But they must Choose Wisely because Ms is a silent Invader in our bodies and simply because we think we're doing okay and we have time and we've never had these medicine, doesn't mean this monster isn't reeking havoc with our central nervous system. Once the disabilities start piling up on each other because we've done nothing it can often be too late to reverse the total disability factor that Ms has decided to weigh you down with. If you ask how I am so experience in this matter it is because it happened to me! I didn't realize I even had Ms until it knocked me on my butt one day and I couldn't get up. I had no right hand to use because it was club like. And my balance just suddenly went went right out the window. So I implore you please don't let this happen to you knowing that you have MS. It is your choice without a doubt but to sit back and do nothing is to allow MS free rein over your entire nervous system. I am not planning on going down without a fight! I implore you to think long and hard on your decision not to fight this monster tooth and nail every single day ahead of you! Thanks Royce for another fantastic post! Fancy.

Great points from both you and Fancy1959👍🙏🐾Ken

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