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๐Ÿ’ŠRX Choices and $$$ Saving tips!๐Ÿ’Š

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Hello everyone, I have been meaning to create this post for a week or two. There are so many Pharmacy choices out there I was wanting to take an informal poll of where everyone fills their prescriptions. The choices seem endless and are mind-boggling so I was hoping to clarify for everyone including myself as to what the best choices are with the best money-saving plans. Who amongst us cannot enjoy a little extra cash to help with medical bills, Exedra. There's GoodRx, your local neighborhood pharmacies, and many many more. So chime in and let us know what pharmacy you were using to fulfill your prescriptions, except for your DMTs which we know have to come from a specialty pharmacy and cannot be purchased through any discount Pharmacies.

I just thought I would put this idea out there and see the different pharmacies in savings pharmacies we can share with each other. I have never used any discount pharmacy for this ship 90 days of your product to you due to the fact that some of my prescriptions are set up that I can use as needed and I do not use the bottle in 30 days. Sometimes I get 60 days out of them and do just fine. Using full strength prescription doses on some of my Scripps makes me very loopy and out of control. Very sleepy and unable to do much. So I reduce the dose and get the results I need but feel normal and can go and come as I please. With that in mind I've always used the local food chain here called Krogers and their Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. I called him in as needed and feel them a few days before I run out.

So let's share our ideas and see what type of Prescription Savings we can come up with. It can't hurt to try and let's put our ideas out there so everybody can see what is being used and what is used with very successful results on the patient end. Thanks to everyone in our family for sharing a part of them self every time they respond to a post! Fancy1959.

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Great Idea Fancy1959 !!! It seems like I have gone from 2 RX to many since MS joined the crew. I consider myself blessed to be accepted by the Pfizer Company for assistance with my Celebrex for my arthritis. We are both on Medicare, husband also has VA benefits. Which I have to say the VA has been Awesome in their care and services to him. We have supplemental insurances through AARP, UHC for healthcare, we chose Humana for prescriptions, and VSP for eye care. I highly recommend checking in out. You can chose different levels of care coverage. I went for high coverage for both in healthcare, High coverage for me in RX coverage, Less for him because of his VA coverage. VSP for eyecare is pretty good. I just got two new pairs of glasses for $129.00 at Walmart! Just recently, I started getting all of my ongoing health prescriptions for 3 months at a time through Humana, Because two of them, are pretty costly, they have waved the copay amounts on the rest. By doing this, 3 months at a time, I'm saving at least $100. a month with I put into a savings fund we keep for dental care. Dental coverage for me was just over $600. a year and had a maximum of $1000. a year for whatever your dental needs were. That just didn't seem right to me, so it was cancelled. My biggest savings coo to me is the Humana prescription care, $600. a year savings by cancelling dental coverage. Also I don't have monthly visits to the pharmacy to pick up medications. They let me know when they are sending them, I can track them and just make 1 trip to the PO Box to pick them up. Saving Time too!

I usually use mail order with my insurance for a 3 month supply for my Medicare part D plan. I do get some rxs at Walmart but I also qualify for extra help from my state so that helps to lower my copays ($8 for 3 month supply) and my deductible is reached within a few months because of my DMT drug so then I pay nothing after that. I have used Goodrx when purchasing my dog's heart meds from a local pharmacy because my vet could not get it because it was a human Rx and it is a VERY costly prescription without some kind of discount. Target/CVS pharmacy had the cheapest prices for the longest time and would offer a different discount if my code from Goodrx was no longer lowest. They were really nice there when I had to go there. Then I had to go to Sam's Club (no membership required for rxs) to fill her meds because it was cheaper to fill there for the last months that she was still with me.


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UPDATE: I received a very timely email from Clark Howard today on saving money on prescriptions (I love this guy - he is always looking out for the people). He listed another app to check for prices of meds besides goodrx.com though they usually have the best prices. The other site/app is RetailMeNot Rx Saver

The info that was in my email today can also be found here: bit.ly/2l3zAyb

I use CVS and most of mine cost a lot ($50-$120) out of pocket. Sometimes they offer to run a discount card to see if the cost is less than with my insurance.

Teva "pays" quite a bit for my Copaxone, but I'm soon to be off that.

Fred Meyers or Albertsons for normal drugs. As bxmom said I also meet my out of pocket the first couple months of the year so no cost after that ๐Ÿ˜. I also received a grant this year that helped with out of pocket costs ๐Ÿ‘. Without grant I wonโ€™t be on a DMT. I am on Medicare and aarp, UHC for supplement, best insurance found for Aubagio. None of the insurance companies like MS patients as they know they will loose money. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ. Ken

Costco has definitely been the cheapest in my area. When I didnโ€™t have insurance I ordered several online from a Canadian pharmacy. Saved me $100s each month.

I do Humana. Most of scripts cost me nothing. On commercial ins i was paying $200 and something for meds a month. Now i spend $74 a month.

I use cvs for month to month and Express Scripts for my maintenance meds. I use Acreedo thru my Express Scripts plan for my DMT. Thank God for Biogen they pick up the copays for my Plegridy so thatโ€™s a big savings.



I use this website to find where the best prices are. A doctor told my husband about it. You plug in your medication, then select your RX plan and it will then show how much it will cost using your RX plan and the cost (using their coupon savings) with other pharmacies. If you decide to use their savings, you can either print out their coupon and take it to the pharmacy or download to your phone. I only started using this site a couple of months ago and it has already saved us a bundle!

my PCP is Kaiser Permanente and I use their pharmacy. Kaiser has a foundation and offers a MFAP {medical financial assistance program} which I apply for and usually qualify. It covers all my copays so my meds and office visit copays are covered. It has been a God send for me. :)

sometimes if you go straight to the manufacturer they have deals. my husband takes crestor &they have a coupon on their website that as long as you have commercial insurance it is only $3.00 a month(he is not on medicare yet).their are deals out there for your loved ones too.my insurance does not cover any vitamins even if they are prescription(50.000 units of D) so I ask for a discount at walgrens pharmacy, they have a coupon if you need help

Good RX is my go to.

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