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I remember telling a few of you I was having throbbing pains in the muscles above my knees. Well the other day I slept wrong and I had a stiff neck. My husband bought this tub of

ASPRA CREAM well I applied it too my neck and thought I’ll apply it to my knees guess what after years of having the pains in my knees it has gone away. Yeah !!! Granted I apply it once to twis a day but it has been working on my knees. Oh it also worked on my neck.

Another thing it has no smell.

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Wonder if that would work on my hands? ssdw1958 🤗💕


Hi J I Think this would work on your hands because my husband had first bought it for him self. When I was at the hospital getting my Ocrevus he had asked one of the nurses that he had this pain in his hands and was not sure what it was, she looked at them asked him a few questions and told him it may be arthritis and so she told him that he should get the Aspra Cream and that’s why we have it in the house isn’t it wild I’m using something that he bought to help him and it is helping me. So to answer your question you should try it you have nothing to loose.

My husband told me it comes in different sizes a what I really like about it, it has no smell but you have to look for that because they have one that has a smell to it

I hope it works for you.

Wow! I have that cream in the house. I will try it on my knee which has tendonitis. Thanks 😀❤️

Good tip, thank you, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫 hope the knee improves. Is your foot now back to normal?

That's good news. It's great when we can find something that actually helps, especially if it isn't a pill. I have used it from time to time for pain too. Thank for sharing!

Hi it is great to find something that isn’t a pil before I had MS and all my problems I would only take Tylenol or Advil but now I have to have a medicine holder I really hate taking pills. But what else am I going to do.

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