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Update on my massage Monday


First I had my chiro appointment and then had my massage. It felt so good. I had just the upper body massage because my neck has been really bothering me lately and it has been AT LEAST 3 years since I had my first one. The girl that did it kept finding all kinds of knots in my neck and in my upper shoulders which probably explains why I have been having more pain than usual. She said I would probably have some pain later in the day from all the knots she worked out, and boy was she right. Come evening, boy did I have some pain... I had to get out the ice pack to help with the pain but by morning I was better. I am now able to move my neck around more freely without so much pain like before the massage. Just wish they weren't so expensive. I'm going to 'try' to get one more often if I can manage it. We shall see.


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I'm happy it all worked out for you. sounds heavenly ahhhhh. :-)

They do say ‘no pain, no gain’. Maybe you should make it a regular thing, if it’s affordable. 🤗

bxrmom in reply to jimeka

I'm going to see how I'm feeling in the next month or so and where my funds are and see if I can afford to make another appointment. It's $50 for an hour so we shall see how often I can do it.

jimeka in reply to bxrmom

I hope you can if it helps. 🤗

It really seemed to help because I'm not in as much pain as I was and my neck isn't as stiff as it was. Couldn't believe how many knots she found in my neck!! I had her do only 'medium' pressure.


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