Marinol and other cannabinoids

in case anyone has questions, I'll do my best to initially throw some basic experience and knowledge for those who are inquisitive. I can be long winded, so I don't want to ramble. I don't know how to insert a link to an old post, but feel free to check my profile and read through the cannabis basics I did some time ago.

Marinol is a synthetic form of THC (the psychoactive chemical in marijuana). It's been traditionally used for chemotherapy related nausea and diseases of bodily waste where weight gain and appetite stimulation is necessary for survival.

Does it help with mood elevation, pain reduction, or decrease in spasticity? Yep.

Does it do those things as well as actual medical marijuana? Nope - at least not for me.

Because of the hype of past years of the new push towards medical marijuana, it's gained some new attention and experimentation, especially in states where actual marijuana isn't available legally yet. A long shot attempt, if you will, at trying to use what's readily available for most.

Some folks may be more comfortable with a prescription and pill bottle for this, and that's ok. My wife is a nurse and had a very hard time endorsing this journey with Me because of stigma and preconceived notions. After seeing The change in Me after years of suffering and an intolerant disposition, she's on board as a believer that cannabis is a true medicine for our condition.

For purposes of comparison and understanding, realize Marinol is synthetic THC. The marijuana predating "medical" was bred to have high levels of THC for consumers to get the "high" they seek.

Will Marinol get you high? Take enough, it will. It comes in 2.5, 5, and 10 mg doses.

For the elephant in the room:

Do I like getting high, even as a cannabis enthusiast? No, actually I do not. It makes me paranoid and I don't enjoy the feeling. If Marinol gets me too lifted, believe it or not, medical cannabis actually reduces some of the psychoactive effects and I'll use it to back off and get right into a sweet spot - it's all about comfort, happiness, and quality of life for Me. My journey through endless prescriptions with no satisfaction brought Me here. I know what I've experienced and cannot keep any info from anyone on here with a good heart should you have interest or questions.

With research, they've figured out there's other beneficial cannabinoids besides THC within the plant. Most commonly you'd hear of the CBD content.

I'm not downing Marinol. It does help, and quite well. I keep it on hand and use it at times. But also realize there's a reason why they aren't pushing Marinol for other conditions that medical cannabis has really become notable for... the other cannabinoids absent in Marinol make a difference, too.

A profound one.

My best,

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  • Thanks for the post

  • I hope sanity will prevail and our federal government will remove cannabis from the schedule 1 illegal drug list. It's insane that it is in the same classification as drugs like heroin and supposedly has no medical value because that is so clearly not true. CBD oil doesn't even get you high but is a potent anti-inflammatory. I'd like to try it and I live in a state where marijuana is legal, but I'm a nurse too and can't risk having a dirty tox screen. Some people have told me you won't test positive for THC or cannabis from CBD oil. But it is from the hemp plant and is also illegal under federal law so I can't take a chance with my career. I sure would like to find out if it would alleviate some of my symptoms that are obviously a result of out of control inflammation. I guess I can try it when I make it to retirement (5 more years). That's the best case scenario -- hopefully I'm not disabled before then and can't continue working. Maybe the CBD oil could help prevent that. Alas. Thanks for posting about your experience Roy.

  • im not entirely sure what drug tests ping on as far as chemicals go. In their natural state, cannabis plants contain THCa which is essentially nothing. Once it is decarboxylated with heat, it becomes actual THC.

    I assume that when you mention CBD oil, you are referring to a transdermal application for local effect, as opposed to the potent oils and shatter that are smoked.

    I have no experience with any transdermal CBD compounds. I have read that medicine compounded from hemp is very expensive (it takes many more plants to yield the same CBD content as actual cannabis plants) since it actually works around some legal regulations. You can actually buy CBD water made from hemp. Albeit, it's about $8-10 for a single 20oz bottle and made from hemp, not cannabis.

    As far as your career goes, God bless you. Nurses are a godsend. Always.

  • I am talking about the cooked down oil that they give to kids for intractable seizures, which is why parents of these kids have moved from all over the country to Colorado. And others claim it cures certain cancers and such. I don't know about all that but I do think the government should allow clinical trials. Unfortunately research isn't allowed for schedule 1 drugs. The potent CBD oil is sold in the state I live in and you can get it in gel caps that you take orally. It's about $100 for 60 caps. It's the real thing, not the plain old hemp oil. I grew up in Georgia which is not only in the bible belt but pretty much a police state. I don't believe MJ will ever be legal there without a federal mandate, but even there the governor made it legal for kids with intractable seizures to get CBD oil. It's time the feds come out of the dark ages about marijuana.

    And I just realized I said thanks Roy - I meant Chris.

  • Theres actually extraction processes that can be done without fancy equipment at home to create concentrates, tinctures, edibles, etc. that helps those isolated from commercially available products utilize medication for different pathways of delivery into the body.

  • Oklahoma made use of CBD oil legal for kids with epilepsy a year or so ago. I wisht hey would legalise it for other conditions. This was a really big deal in a state that is so anti drug use.

  • the state I'm in passed medical access, but then amended definitions to where physicians can't prescribe it, but can recommend it...


    At least on a positive note, children with seizure afflictions can get some relief. That at least makes Me feel that the science is headed in the right direction, albeit extremely slow paced.

  • ItsChris, thank you for posting about this. There is more and more information available now, but it can be very confusing. I think it's like any other drug; it doesn't work for everyone, one has to weigh the benefits versus risks/side effects, and be suspicious of anything being offered as a panacea. It clearly appears to help some people, so I hope it becomes available to those folks, especially those who have found little relief elsewhere.

  • I'm certainly not advocating cannabis as a panacea. It certainly won't cure your MS or make it go away.

  • ItsChris, forgive me! I sure didn't mean to imply that you were saying that. I should have said that there are those that make those claims--you certainly did not do that! I feel that folks should look at it like any other medication and do their homework.

    I wonder what more will be learned when the US will allow research here. There is a book by Linda Parker that is supposed to be very thorough, though I haven't read it yet. She's a Canadian researcher, if I remember correctly. It's expensive, but probably well worth it for those who are interested in recent research.

  • I may look into that book. I've done reading in research journals and articles.

    I agree with you whole heartedly - knowledge is power. And as with any medication pushed on us, reading and fully understanding what's going into our bodies is paramount

  • I would just be happy if it would get rid of my peripheral nerve pain that I've been living with for 10+ years. Most sources say that it could, but still waiting here in PA for the dispensaries to be up and running. For the time being, I've been vaping the CBD oil, but it hasn't really helped. I don't know if that's an indication that the MMJ won't work either. But I just hang on, waiting for the day to find out.

  • THC is a more potent analgesic than CBD - if you look at medical strains you will find that most likely some THC is going to be needed.

  • I appreciate the post and the information. My husband's doctors, whom I consider to be the best in their field, have also suggested THC it for my husband because of severe glaucoma. He's already had 2 eye surgeries and tiny stints implanted to relieve eye pressures. I am open to it, when it becomes needed. I don't want the "high" associated with it. I once had a bite of a brownie and was numb for four hours. 🙃🙃😀😀

  • Edibles can sneak on you like that!! Lol.

    As stated, I don't like being stoned high either. I've treated my Journey as with any medication.

    Figure out what dose works for your personal needs - everyone is unique

    That's I'm glad to hear of your husbands physicians recognizing the pressure reduction capabilities.

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