Hemp Oil a Success

I mentioned awhile ago I ordered some hemp oil and hemp oil capsules. I thought I would report back on how it's working for me. I take 3 capsules a day and am sleeping better than I have in years. My leg neuropathy has improved pretty significantly also. I use the oil in salad dressing and pasta sauce, kind of a pleasant nutty flavor. I add it after everything is cooked because it has a low tolerance to heat. Again, no THC in it. Just thought I would let you know how good it has been for me. God bless you all,love, Kelly

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  • That's great! You got it on Amazon??

  • I did. It's easy to find just type in hemp oil, very inexpensive too. It's been amazing! Kelly

  • So happy for you Kelly. I have hemp seeds that I occasionally add to smoothies. Also nutty nice flavor. Do you know if the seeds and oil have same effect?

  • Erash, I don't know, but it makes sense that they would. How are you doing? Talk to you soon. Kelly

  • I'm good kelly. Hope u r 2

  • Awesome!

  • Jbahnan, it seems like a good thing so far! Thanks for your response, I've never heard from you before and truly look forward to getting to know you! Kelly

  • Hi kelly, im on here daily responding to posts that associate with me. Look forward to get to know u!

  • I think you caught o to a goo idea. More people should look into this natural form of medicine. I think it's my next step for my neuropathy.

  • Kath, so far it's working great. I hope it works for your neuropathy. I know it's been a real problem for you. Keeping you in my prayers. Kelly xx

  • Hi Kelly, please will you or someone explain hemp oil, I am not aware of it or how you take it or use it. How does it mix with other medications? Thank you blessings Jimeka

  • I'm not familiar with it either. I know it's rich in fatty acids like omegas. That's the extent of my knowledge.

  • Jimeka, the main benefits of hemp oil are that it reduces inflammation, thus reducing pain, it is an analgesic, and helps with anxiety. I think that is one reason I am sleeping better. It quiets my brain at night instead of thinking about all the things I did not get done that day. I take quite a lot of meds and had ny neuro'S and my pharmacist's,what I think you call chemist(?) blessing to take it with my meds. No ill effects. It comes in capsule form, oil, and I also got some sticks that are like candy. I cut off one end and squeeze out this delicious coconut honey type mixture. Yummy! The oil form I mix in salad dressings or pasta sauce. It has a really low temperature tolerance, so you can't use it for things like stir fry, but you can add it to marinades, etc. I hope that provides some info, the most important thing is that it does not contain marijuana or thc. I get urine tested at my pain doctor and would get kicked out of the practice if I tested positive for marijuana. How are you, Jimeka? I've been meaning to ask you, what kind of farm do you and your husband have? Do you raise cattle or sheep? Do you raise large scale crops? I am very interested. Take care of yourself my friend, Kelly x

  • Hi Kelly,thank you very much for the information, I will look into it. We do not raise sheep, we used to raise cattle but there is no money in them. We grow wheat, barley. Oil seed rape, field beans, and potatoes, that is our crop rotation. The government has rules you have to follow, the fun has gone out of farming now. It was a very passionate occupation when I was growing up. Now a days the machinery is so big, you can do in one day, what it used to take a week. Hope you are keeping well, blessings Jimeka

  • Thank you so much. I am going to give hemp oil a try. Blessings upon you

  • Hi Kelly, you said you were taking 3 tablets a day. I was wondering how many mg in each tablet?

  • Pjb229, hi! I've never posted with you before, it's nice to hear from you. Each capsule is 1000 mg. Hope that helps. Stay in touch. Blessings, Kelly

  • Thanks Kelly, I'm hoping that the hemp oil will help me with some of my symptoms. Thanks again for your help. Paul

  • what's the dose of hemp oil and where did you get it

  • Mayestas, hi, nice to hear from you! The capsules are 1000 mg each, I take three a day. The oil is kind of up to you. I put a couple tablespoons in salad dressing that would serve both my husband and myself for four salads. If we are having pasta, I again put two tablespoons in the sauce, it does not change the flavor. I've noticed that it not only has helped me, but my husband has lost a little bit of weight, not a lot, but probably five pounds. He is very "husky" so I'm hoping that it continues. I got it on amazon smile so that I could designate MS society as my charity of choice. Sorry for the long response, hopefully that helps. Kelly x

  • Hi Kelly, I am glad it is working for you. As I said before, it did not seem to do anything for me but I was taking a much smaller dose, just salad dressing and an occasional dollop on something. I will try a couple of tablespoons a day and see if it has any effect. Thank you for letting us know it is helping you. I will let you know if I have any effects. Norman

  • Norman, Just like anything else, it may not be for everyone. Do you have a lot of active symptoms? Not being nosy, just trying to get to know you better! Right now I'm in full blown relapse, thus willing to try just about anything. It has been going on since AAugust 12. Let me know how you are doing. Kelly xx

  • Hello Kelly, I have never had a relapse. I have had all the usual symptoms that I ignored for most of my life. I first noticed the symptoms in the early 70s drop foot, spasms, (the worst being total body paralysis when I have a fever). It has just been a steady decline that has been picking up speed in the last 15 years. I am sorry you are in relapse, it has always sounded so horrible.

  • Norman, do you have primary progressive ms? Or haven't they ever labeled it? It sounds like you have had a rough time, I'm so sorry. I bet you do all you can to avoid a fever. I will be keeping you in my prayers, truly. Kelly xx

  • Kelly, last time I say my neurologist she said I had secondary progressive. I have not had it so bad it has been a good life. At the age of 29 I thought it was a brain tumor so I made up my mind, I would live life a good as I could for as long as I could. That was 36 years ago. Since, I have been married for 31 years and raised five kids. If I go tomorrow I won't feel cheated at all. MS does suck but if I didn't have it, would I have made the same choices?

  • What you have said gives me encouragement Norman, long may it continue for you, blessings Jimeka, not your condition but your out look on life

  • Norman, I know what you mean. As much as ms is a pain to have, I have learned so many things that I would not have learned otherwise. So as silly as it sounds I'm actually grateful I have it. I mean it could be so much worst. I have 8 children, 3 stepchildren and 14 grandchildren. They bring my husband and ne so much joy. That is what is important to me. It is so nice getting to know you. Take care and stay in touch, okay? Kelly xx

  • So beautifully said, @normwithms.

  • Thank you so much for your quick reply I hope you still continue to do well this disease sucks

  • Hello Kelly, I just thought I would let you know of my progress with hemp oil. I have upped my dosage of hemp oil to two tablespoons a day for the past few weeks because of your post. It did not seem to help my neuropathy much but it did fix most of my stomach problems, It feels like my body wants to function again. It has also done wonders for my sleeping, if I can get to sleep my nights seem to be much more restful. Thanks for your post. I hope all is going well regards Norman

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