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2nd half of Ocrevus done


Completed 2nd half, feel great. After infusion went to the dispensary to get some CBD oil and green apple flavored gummies. Hoping it works for pain and to be able to sleep. Keep laughing because I have only taken 2 puffs of marijuana in my life and now I have a medical marijuana card.

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Hope it helps you cnichols .👍

cnichols in reply to Morllyn

Thanks! I am confident it will, I have done 3 rounds of Rituxan worked great!

Dpjinx in reply to cnichols

Hi my doc is talking about putting me on this. Supposedly good for RA and MS. Did you have any problems? I seem to react badly to most of the drugs. Thanks in advance for any info. Dpjinx

cnichols in reply to Dpjinx

I am lucky I don't get side effects. I breezed thru it, they pre-medicate with Benadryl. I didn't do steroids with Rituxan the 2nd and 3rd dose, for Ocrevus they do a syringe of steroids. Good Luck 🍀

Happy to hear you tolerated the infusion well. Hope you get some sleep and wake up feeling okay tomorrow. 💕

cnichols in reply to Tutu

Thanks, I have felt great after 1st dose just hoping the pain eases up in my legs. Had a 1/2 of a gummy been 45 minutes no relief, have to wait 2 hours to take another 1/2. Have a great weekend!

Tutu in reply to cnichols

So the gummies have marijuana in them too? I do hope the pain eases soon...Wishing you a good weekend too. Thank you. 💕

cnichols in reply to Tutu

They are infused with CBD. I also got drops that you can put in food or under your tongue going to try them tomorrow. I don't want to smoke so trying the non smoke options think I am going to look into vaping. They are so helpful at the dispensary, since I am clueless to this whole thing we are starting out simple.

pamgarner in reply to cnichols

I purchased the Cbd topical lotion, seems to work,I gave up smoking 15 yr ago, tried to smoke my lungs said heck no, what are you doing??maybe drops?

cnichols glad the 2nd infusion went well. When do you have another one? Is it in 5 or 6 months? I am sorry that you are in so much pain. What state do you live in? Let us know how the beans work, have a good weekend, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🐈

cnichols in reply to jimeka

Thanks, next one 6 months unless B cells start to repopulate. Waited 2 hours took another 1/2 of gummy, pain in decreased. I live in Illinois. You also have a great weekend.😎

jimeka in reply to cnichols

Thank you. It started off good with my grandsons 9th birthday party. 38 children in a hall, what a laugh. The entertainment was so funny. He had all the children involved, they were playing games, laughing, dancing, eating. The best thing he got Harry up on stage, and he had to choose the most intelligent adult to go up on stage with him, so he chose his grandad, my hubby. Well what a laugh. They each had to answer the same 5 questions, independently in whispers, then their answers were revealed. Basically, how well does grandad know his grandson. They got 3/5 answers right, so Harry won a tshirt with his name on and all the other children got to sign it, so Harry will always have a momentous tshirt. I am now recovering, so noisy, but I had fun seeing all the joy on the kids faces, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 Hope the pain eases so you can get some sleep 😴

cnichols in reply to jimeka

Sounds fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

I live in a state that has medical marijuana. I just had my first infusion and I think I will follow your lead. Hope and pray this all works out well for you.

cnichols in reply to Yooper

Same to you. Actually got 4 hours of sleep instead of usual 2. Pain was still there but better then it was.


I wish I lived in your State! 😂

pamgarner in reply to Allen5280

ME Too! Alabama will never have this, I received product from the website Royce suggested PUREKANA.com, started with Topical lotion, I really think it works, check it out, legal in 50 states, good luck

Allen5280 in reply to pamgarner

I would always say Oklahoma would never either! We are up there pretty close with conservatives as Alabama. Our state passed it and it's in the works. When all is said and done, the outright lies of the opposition are shown through, when people realize that the pharma pain meds are worse on addiction and killing more people it's changing public opinion. And the pharma companies want to keep selling theirs when there are other options, well.... It happened here, it can happen anywhere. Now that it's been legalized in all of Canada, and the more research and it's positive effects are starting to come into light.

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