my cannabis oil experiment

Hi to all who responded to my post ...jmeka was the first and many after. I took

my oil and did not feel any different. It did not take away my neck spasms. I'm

very disappointed . I live in South Carolina and they have not yet approved the

use if medical marijuana but are soon going to vote. Not very likely to happen.

Anyone else have a good or bad experience? dr92636

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  • I was encouraged to try the drops which I did for a month. It is legal in California and my husband has a medical MJ card. So it was no problem getting the drops. However, I didn't get any results from them. Another friend of mine bought CBD drops from Amazon for back pain and after a few weeks was able to stop daily Vicodin. I don't really have major pain from MS, just allot of discomfort, numbness,tingling and the last month spasticity in legs and toes. I just didn't get any kind of relief. Perhaps the drops are better for major pain.

  • dr92636 and CalfeeChick I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get relief. That's disappointing.

    Everyone's body responds differently, of course, but I wonder if the source (manufacturer) of the CBD might make a difference in its potency? Being able to replace daily Vicodin is pretty amazing!

    What is the difference between CBD oil and drops? Do you massage the oil into the affected area, but put drops... under your tongue?? a vaporizer?? 😀 Please clarify. Thanks!

  • CBD has very little THC in it. My friend put 4-5 drops under her tongue 3 times a day. Yes, I am disappointed that it didn't help me, but it was worth a try.

  • Addt'l info the ratio of CBD to was THC was over 2-1 and it was mixed into Olive Oil. I did the drops under the tongue. It tasted nasty.

  • CalfeeChick......The customer care person said it tasted

    nasty and to mix it in juice and I did that. dr92636

  • Yes, they also told hubby that. Either way, it still left nasty aftertaste. Just hope others receive more benefit from it.👌👍😊

  • Nom-De-Plume... Not sure what you mean...I mixed a dropper

    full of oil with a little juice twice a day as directed. The other

    option was to put under the tongue. dr92636

  • Nom-De-Plume...Not sure what you mean..I mixed a dropper

    full of oil with a little juice twice a day as directed. The other

    option was to put it under your tongue, dr92636

  • the ratio is important. i have found that a 20:1 (20 parts cbd to one thc) tincture under the tongue relieves inflammation and aches, but it is subtle and can seem like nothing until you realize the pain has subsided. i live in CA and just got a card this year and still need to learn much, but i have learned that cannabis now is not the general stuff of college dorms..the products now are very specialized extractions of elements of the plant, and that there are many options to choose from. CBD should be "rebranded" because it is the medicine of the plant and not what provides the "high"--it is a medicine worth exploring .

    a good site for info is

    good luck!

  • Yes, good info. The ratio is very important. Hubby just got his card a couple of months ago. He has some really serious eye problems, just had 3rd surgery less than two weeks ago. Trying to save vision in right eye.

  • wishing the best for you and your husband!

  • Thank you. Whoever said, " getting old is not for sissies!" Knew what they were talking about!!

  • @cmokon Thank you for clarifying this! I will check out the site! 😊

  • Cmokon... I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the info dr92636.

  • you're welcome. if you learn any tips i'd love to hear!

  • Increase the dosage. Don't stop it is helping my husbands spasms with MS 80%. Increase a little every couple of days

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