Okay Tutu, you asked for Garden pictures and here they come!

Okay Tutu, you asked for Garden pictures and here they come!

In response to Tu tu's challenge I am sending Garden pictures into the chat room. I'll send a picture in this first post of a gardens that Imade. As Tu tuasked everybody share the pictures your hard work have produced. Don't take nature's beauty for granted and remember it's around us every single day and we simply need to open our eyes to enjoy it. That's something that our MS can never take away from us so enjoy! Believe it or not I had an ulterior motive for making my bird bath garden. Under the two outside for bath are actually our septic tank access lids that are large and green. They stuck out like sore thumbs to me so I started looking for bird bath and put to on top of the lids on the outside and one in the middle and fill them with flowers. What you can't see because in Kentucky are growing season is just getting started good are the brown-eyed Susans that are getting ready to bloom in between the birdbaths. By August this Garden will look totally different and be absolutely stunning. Enjoy and share your own creations with us🌹🌻🌼 Gosh I love summertime!

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  • Very creative, Fancy1959! We've never lived anyplace with a septic tank, so I had no idea they could be an eyesore! Do you get many birds out there? I bet the sunflowers 🌻 will help attract them too! 💕

  • They're on the side of the house to choose that I can't really watch very closely so I'm not certain about the birds. However Tutu,, I don't see any evidence that they are in the birdbaths. And truly there is not a whole lot of room in the birdbath for them to play and clean themselves in once the flowers or sit down in them.

  • Who's talking about septic systems about a month ago we had to have a motor replaced it died let me tell you it wasn't cheep that's were our tax check went just when you think your ahead of the game you take two steps back. At lest there are no problems.

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