Do I ride the horse, the sled, or the fish on this merry go-round?

Normal guy dealing with MS (DX in 2010) and helping my wife deal with hers (DX 1999). I must confess that I'm a double dipper, PTSD after Iraq. So I'm attempting to replace the old important things with things that really matter, i.e. old=work and crap, new=family and life. Some day's I'm just an angry cynic, some days I just seem to cry at everything, some days I get angry and then really mad that I'm angry, and some days I'm just me getting by. Let's face it, there are times when this merry go-round is just insane...

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  • I like your way of describing ms, it sure is a merry go round. Don't beat yourself up about having bad or angry days, they happen, it's a fact. What we who are on the merry go round have learnt, is that like you say, you don't get to choose, but all I can say is that when you get a good day, enjoy it, hopefully you and your wife will coincide with a good day and you both can enjoy it together.

  • Don't get off the carousel. Ride the horse that goes up and down, not the one that's stationary 👍

  • I don't care who you are, that's funny!

  • akfunguy let me 1st say thank you for serving. And so sorry about the PTSD it's not easy dealing with that on top of MS. I'm with them tho, hold on tight to the horse you ride. Cause its gonna be the ride of your life :)

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