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I was diagnosed back in '01 and just moved into a new house with my 12 year old daughter and my really good friend but tonight hasn't been a good night for me at all! I keep having my good days & bad days & not real sure how to get my 'mood' about certain things to just go away like normal but I'm starting to get more upset about having to stay by myself all day when my daughter gets taken to her cheer practices a few times a week which was never that big of a deal with me but now it is?! Not sure why it has changed so much but it has! 😥

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txcg152, a bad day can really play a number on my emotions. I'm sorry you're having one. 😐 It sounds as though you may be a bit down or depressed. Have you talked to your doctor about it? I'm not a professional, so I can't say whether counseling or antidepressants would be of benefit to you, but if this continues, I'd let your doctor know.

But if you just want someone to listen, and you want to vent your frustration with how MS has changed you and your circumstances, or you're frustrated with things in your life right now, vent on! We're here.

I'm sending you a big hug. 💕


txcg152 my emotions are on a roller coaster the longer I have MS. So frustrating. My neurologist finally put me on 5 mg Valium twice daily just to even out my emotions. My husband said I am much more "mellowed out" now. MS wrecks havoc with our emotions!


txcg152, my heart goes out to you. It's not hard to understand how MS can change our lives on so many levels and make life hard to deal with at times. Not only can our symptoms seem like an unwelcome ride on a roller coaster, but our emotions, too.

Unloading some of our frustration, anger, and worry here with people who understand can help so much. I agree with Tutu that talking with your doctor is really important.

It can be very hard to understand what our loved ones are going through while we are overwhelmed with our problems. They surely must be hurting and don't know how to deal with the changes forced upon them, just as we can struggle with those feelings. I pray you can all communicate to one another with love and patience.

I hope tomorrow is a much better day and that you will let us know how you are doing.


Hi txcg152 This has been going on for a bit now 😞 I'm so sorry. I really suggest you talk to your Dr about it now. I had remembered something you had said about your daughter, and read your last post.

I hope you and your daughter are getting closer now.😊💕 Always remember she needs you! And please call your Dr or PCP today.☺

Jes 🌠


txcg152, it's Fancy1959 and I would like to officially welcome you to our extended family. You have found a safe place to come and voice your concerns, ask questions, or simply speak to someone who truly understand what you are going through. This chat room is full of some of the kindest, most caring, and compassionate people I have ever met.

We all have our good day in our bad day and our mood fluctuates according to our good day or bad day. So don't feel like you're alone in fighting this moodiness. Many of us who have been in the chat room and have bought in this Beast for many years understand that the depression and moodiness that comes is part of what the Beast does best. It scares us and makes us worry about moms consequential thing that used to be absolutely of little or no importance to us. Being in a new house you are probably just not as sure as you were in the house you were used to. Then the people you depend on sounds like they might have changed as well and do not worry if it takes you some time to settle in. I suggest if you feel alone and it worries sign into the chat room and join in our conversation. The companionship and the understanding are unmatched in this chat room. Someone is always acted here and if you need us all you have to do is sign in and start replying to post or make a post of your own like you did here.

We are glad you are on board but not glad of course that you have MS. Please feel free to lean on us and to let us be your strength in time of weakness. It's what we do best and we all take turns being weak at some point in our journey with MS. Please take care until we speak again and remember that together we are stronger!


Thank you all for your kind words and I do have an appt with my neurologist tomorrow which was supposed to be a check up type of visit but with all that stuff I was upset about yesterday I do hope he can give me some kind of options on atleast what to do or take or something. I see that evidently I can just come here & let everything go to this board 🤠 & get all my thoughts/feelings out which did help some or atleast got me to bed without yelling or crying my eyes out! Thank you everyone

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txcg152 Hang in there, I'm right with ya! On the upside, just know that the fact that you are even aware that something is off is great. It at least gives you a starting point for questions with your doctors. I've come to realize that no matter how off the wall newest incident may seem, I write it down so that I can remember it for questioning later. Sometimes the smallest things can be the most relevant. I hope you get to feeling better or at least able to get some answers.


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