Nov 19th I'm thankful for

Nov 19th I'm thankful for

After seeing morllyns post I remembered I havent told everyone how thankful I am for my latest blessing. My latest addition to the family. My 1967 GTO. I want to thank my wife for allowing me to spend all that was left of my 401k for something like this. Haha. When I was dx with MS in April I thought my old car days were ended and I sold my 79 trans am that I'd been building because I wasn't able to finish my project. I'm still not able to do what I did before but with the help of a wonderful friend I was able to finish this old GTO into something I don't HAVE to work on only do what I want to do with it. It still not where I want it but with it I can drive proud while doing what has been a passion since I was 12 years old. Building and driving old hot rods. I love fast cars what can I say.

As I've said before God has been so good to me. He has never failed to amaze me with the blessings he showers on his children.

Happy and safe holidays to all my MSFamily.


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  • Beautiful car Donnie!

  • Nice ride👍🤗🤞💪we only live once. Glade to see you got to finish it. Enjoy 😉😎

  • Love the car! Best of luck.

  • Sweet ride, Donnie!

  • Doubled51 wow Donnie that is one mean machine. I hope you have many days enjoying it. It is good that you can still enjoy your passion. God bless Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • Thanks to you all. I am truly a blessed man. I have to say that without the help of a long time friend and the term friend is really not enough to express what a blessing Ricky Towe has been toget me riding in this car. We and mostly he worked for weeks getting this car ready for me because he wanted me to have a dependable and nice old classic car that I didn't have to worry about leaving me stranded in. He bought the car and could have made a fortune on it but being who he is he instead spent his time getting it ready for me. Didn't charge me anything for his labor and honestly took money out of his own pocket for a lot. When we were done he handed my keys gave me a hug and said I love you man. And I truly love him like a brother. He's a friend ill never forget. He has a 66 Chevelle we've been working my on for 30 years and he's excited that now I have something that we can take trips to car shows and gatherings all over the southeast. He's a friend like few people ever have. Especially since I was diagnosed with MS he's been there for me anytime I've needed him and I thank God that he blessed me with a good God loving friend that I can depend on. I am truly a blessed man.

    God bless you all.


  • Doubled51 Wow. Just reading this part of your post. That is one amazing friend. You tell him we all said so. :-D No doubt, he feels the same way about you. God bless you both!

  • Nom_De_Plume a very special friend he is in deed.m certainly blesses to have him because I couldn't have done it without him. He actually bought the car with me in mind because he knew I wasn't able to do the work it needed. He bought it knowing the engine had to be pulled for it to be ready for me to be able to just get in and drive. I told him I couldn't do much but he said I could be there for moral support. Haha. And he didn't charge me extra for being in the way. Lol. Better friend I couldn't ask for. My only brother died years ago but he is my brother in everything but blood. And over the years we've skinned enough knuckles building old cars together I'm sure our blood was mixed somewhere down the line.


  • @Doubled51 I love this story of brotherly love. It’s heartwarming! Yes, you are blessed, Donnie!! 😁

  • Special friends God sends 2 us. Happy 2 hear your Blessings. :-) keep going

  • What a beautiful car! My husband’s cousin restores old cars and it is awesome to watch them go from rust to a thing of beauty.

    Have fun riding around Doubled51 ! Oh yes, your wife must really love you.

  • Morllyn Thank you.He's not quite as excited as I am but after 47 years she has grown accustomed to to my need for speed. Haha. I was driving a hit rod when we dated. When we married and pretty much ever since. I've probably had a dozen old cars and 3 Harleys since we've been together. She won't let me have Harleys anymore because I have trouble holding me up much less 800 lbs of motorcycle. Haha. But as I said I am truly a blessed man to have a wife and a God that lets a foolish old man still enjoy the things he loves.

    God is so good to me I can't contain it or understand it sometimes.

    I can't straddle a Harley any more but I can sit in a bucket seat very well. Haha.

    God bless


  • Doubled51

    My husband had a 1970 Charger 440 6 pack RT when we were dating. He sounds a lot like you. I I have to tell him, “Slow down Richard Petty” when he gets a lead foot. Ha ha !

  • Morllyn Sounds like my kind of guy. I was driving a 69 Chevy Nova SS 396-375 hp 4 speed triple black when we were dating and married. I love those Novas undoubtedly cause I had 6 over the years. Haha. Unlike MS it's a disease I don't want a cure for.


  • Doubled51 , I can hear the joy in your words.

  • Doubled51, that’s a fabulous car! How wonderful that you achieved a terrific result from your hard work.

    I barely understand how to turn my car on, but I have a weakness for classic cars. My dream is to take rides in some of those beauties. Of course, depending on one’s definition of classic, I already have! At least cars from the 50’s and 60’s!

    Enjoy that beauty! And hug your wife. And hug your friend.

  • greaterexp greaterexpThank you. I'm certainly excited. Its been quite some time since I owned anything from the sixties. My dad bought me my first car when I was 12. An old junk of a 1954 Ford but to me it was the coolest car in the world. Haha. That was in 1963 so I'm truly partial to the 50 and 60 cars. Since then its been my favorite pastime/obsession.

    I am again a blessed man to have a wife and a friend so good to me. My wife's only objection is it doesn't have a.c. so that's a project for the future. Haha.

    I watched a new movie last night called The Shack. It was awesome. I don't normally recommend movies because there are so few worth watching. But this was an an awesome movie for people of faith. It was very encouraging to me.

    I give God all the praise the glory and the honor.

    Have a blessed day and a wonderful thanksgiving.


  • Doubled 51 I just saw the trailer for the movie The Shack and I thank you for bringing this to my attention. I can't wait to see the movie.

    You are truly an inspiration and if you don't mind I would like to share your story and blog at my MS Positive Outlook group at our next meeting. I am the facilitator for the Forest Park group and I am sure the members would be inspired by your story, not to mention the movie.

    My first carr was given to me by my brother, a 1956 Chevy Impala in perfect working condition, it just needed new brakes which my late brother fixed for me. He also loved restoring the old classics, not necessarily muscle cars, just anything he could get his hands on. I have such fond memories of sitting on the fenders of these old cars while he worked on them. David was 13 years older than me, and I was the baby of 6 siblings and spoiled rotten. :)

    That car is a beauty!

  • craftygranny thank you for your kind words. When I say God has been so good to me its absolutely an understatement. He truly pulled me from the devils greedy hands. As long as I have breath in this old body I will thank him and praise him for what he's done for me.

    It would be an honor to share any part of my journey with your group. Because it's not anything I've done only sharing what God has done for me.

    By the way your brother must have loved you very much. A 56 Chevy would be worth a pretty penny today.

    Again I say God has been so good to me.

    God bless


  • Donnie, I'm so jealous I can't stand it! So cool! My first car was a 1967 Firebird convertible and boy, do I wish I still had it! But it had no power brakes or power steering, so I doubt that I could even drive it now. I also had a 1971 Buick Skylark 450 Stage I. But there was never a substitute for a beautiful "Goat." I always had a need for speed, too! Enjoy!

  • Sukie427 my old goat has power steering but no power brakes or a.c. but it's does have a built 455 to make to make up for what it doesn't have. Haha. So yes I still have the need for speed. My wife had a 70 Buick Skylark. It wasn't a GS but I did swap out the old 350 in it for a GS HP. It was fun after that. Haha.

    I hope I don't ever get unable to drive because I would absolutely go nuts. Haha.


  • Doubled51 That is one sleek ride, Donnie! No wonder you love riding around in that! Yes, something to be thankful for, for sure! ...Along with your wife and the friend who helped you!!

    I'll bet the 79 trans am was sweet too. Did it have a T-top? Man, I remember that in the day. Seems like forever ago. My neighbor rode one then and she still has it in her garage today. Looks to be in good shape, from the outside anyway. No idea about what's under the hood, or how the frame is holding up. She does take it out for a spin now and then in the good weather so it must be sea-worthy!

  • Nom_De_Plume thanks. No mine didn't have ttops. They were very prone to leak so unless they were garage kept they fell victims to rust. Which means a lot of them didn't survive. Which means the price went up drastically on the survivors. Which meant the t top cars were a little out of my price range. Haha. I was restoring mine when I was d's with MS so it wasn't quite done yet when I sold it but It was def a fun car to drive and a real head turner. I sold it in June after being dx in April thinking my car building days were done. But God had a better plan in mind for me. A car that was more my kind ofcar being i was a 60s teen car nut. And my best friend was a 60s car guy and a lifetime mechanic that wanted me in a car from our era that I could be proud of and we could cruise in. He has an awesome 66 Chevelle. So now we can do the things we've been talking about for years.What started out as a heartbreak God turned into a blessing.

    Again I say God has been so good to me.


  • Very cool car!

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