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I've been suffering for over 2 years now.

Hi all, I have psoriasis of the scalp and body and have had it for over two years now, it affects my every day tasks and clothes I wear due to me being so insecure about what other people will think as I think it's really ugly. I have been to the doctors and have used so many creams, oils and ointments and nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any advice or anything that may help me?

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What ones have you used? I have this too and would like to know what hasnt worked so far! My scalp is so tight and sore I am tempted to just live with coconut oil in my hair


I have tried way too many ointments and tar based products. I do find coconut oil does work well, I have also tried calamine lotion that is usually used for Chicken Pox, and that works wonders but you do have to wash your hair a few times afterwards. What products and lotions have you used?


I have used Alphosyl (shampoo) and T-Gel shampoo for Psoriasis, Also dovobet gel which really sticks to the hair and have to wash it like 3 times. Also coconut oil on my scalp and dovobet ointment on my skin. I found sudocreme helped clear up the stuff on my face but not on my body.

Mine has come up very recently so still dealing with the trial and error of using all the different lotions!


I think I've pretty much used those also! Sudocreme is so good but so messy, I've had it in my scalp for 10 years, sometimes it's virtually gone but then other days I wanna sit in and hide away. My skin developed when going through a rough break up however cleared for 9 months when I moved close to the sea. As bad as this sounds I find sun beds help slightly.


I have started using sunbeds for 5 minutes a go recently and being in the sun has helped. Have you tried sudocreme on your scalp?

I think its mostly the itchy scalp is the worst


I have used sudocreme on my scalp and it works wonders, however it a nightmare to get out afterwards


Maybe I will try that when I am not going out much for a few days! Thanks for the tip I will definitely give that one a go. My scalp is so sensitive and raw at the moment, and it stinks of melted tar from Cocois ointment so I am willing to try almost anything else right now


Ladies, I am so sorry to hear that you are both struggling.

I have had plaque psoriasis since my early twenties and I am 52 now. I have suffered sever scalp psoriasis in the past and the thing just travels round my body now.

I do find T-gel helps and I only wash my hair once a week now , thankfully its dry not greasy. I use Hydromol on my body as a body-wash - no soap or shower gel. I have also started buying the dead sea salt for my bath and find pouring a whole pack in and lying for at least 20 mins is very soothing. Its very hard to offer generic solutions as we are all in a different skin. Trial and error finding what works for you is how it rolls I am afraid.

A small tip for special occasions, I use Dermablend total body foundation. It is used in the movies for tattoo and scar coverage and it is great! It covers my arms & legs etc and does not cling to the dry patches and a little goes a very long way. At least I can, sometimes, wear a nice dress on an evening again.

Remember you are beautiful inside & out and that this skin condition will not define the people you are!

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I had this so badly on the whole of my right arm, neck, scalp and entire left breast. I now have only a few dark spots after years of low self worth, worry and staying indoors.

I used organic cider vinegar in the bath and wash (smooth) using aqueous cream. I use Argan oil hair care products (only once weekly) and moisturise my body with organic sweet almond oil.

this took three months to shed the dead skin and dried out lumps, bumps and headed spots. Now nearly a year later in practically skin smooth.

I ended up with a large bag of prescription creams, lotions, shampoos and mediation. All taken back to the chemist.

create a regime and stick to it. My advice is to go natural with what you use.

good luck. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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My doctor told me to wash daily with T-Gel until the dandruff goes down. It has been a month now and if I leave my hair, it feels like the dandruff builds up and it becomes unbearable itchy. Did you experience this? Do you have any advise on soothing a super itchy scalp?


Hi Amy-Louise

I also know what your going through and how it feels trying to hide it in public because it is embarrassing, for my hair I was prescribed Alphasol shampoo which wasn't to bad the other one for my hair was called glaxo , I can't remember if that's the whole word but ask your go he will know , it is Not a shampoo it's a fluid in a bottle that you squirt in your hair and rub it in like you would shampoo , do not towel dry just brush or comb your hair through and leave it until it drys before you want to style it , it's quite a strong smell and a bit of a pain waiting for it to dry put a towel around your shoulders because obviously it will drip and soak you but that really does stop the itching on the scalp Oh and just put it on dry hair don't put it on wet hair

For the rest of my body I was plastered especially my elbows and knees and it use to crack and was very painful , I went through numerous amounts of prescription creams which didn't work then the last one I used was called Betnovate RD cream 1 in 4 but u have to put it on regularly or your skin will dry up and crack again the trouble with all these creams are they contain steroids so basically try and stick to 1 particular cream because what is happening is your skin is liking the steroids and basically asking for more, when I talk about past tense about mine is I haven't had it now for 10 years , I wish I could tell you that the creams and shampoos finally cured it but that isn't the case , you can't heal psoriasis but you can control it ,

I wish it was on better circumstances for my healing but what healed mine was Chemotherapy as I had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy then chemo and it was the chemo stppoed my psoriasis coming back and my periods so that's the only 2 good things came out of it

I hope I have helped in some way or other I apologise for the long essay I've just written to you lol and all the best for the future I hope you find something that can help you better than you are now x


Hey so this is my first time really talk to people with the same condition so here it goes. I've had psoriasis since I was 14 I'm now 20 I've had pretty much every lotion ointment and cream you can have with no luck tried light therapy to find out my skin is sensitive to light so can't do that if nothing is working so far talk to a dermatologist and a immunity suppressant called Ciclosporin I was taking it for 2 years and it was great completely cleared it up the only downside is that you have to take it every day and night and there are some server side affects unfortunately for me it stoped working so the next step is injections. Since it started when I was In school I was subject to bullying which led to serve anxiety and depression which I'm I'm sure you know makes it worse but thanks to my beautiful girlfriend and family I'm still here just remember this isn't your fault beauty is on the inside stay strong.


I use selsun, polytar and/or tea tree oil. I put a few drops in a bath and rinse hair with it before shampooing with selsun gold. Hope it helps


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