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Please help. Suffering for last 5 years.

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I have attached the pic. I am suffering from this problem for last 5 years. It started when i moved to UK. I went back home i.e Pakistan and spent 1 year there and it was much better. Same again. Its extremely embarrassing to get the hair cut. Some time blood on collar and pillow.

Please help me.

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First thought is a food allergy. What is your diet like?

I thought it was a food allergy but i have spent weeks on vegs and fruits. If it was spicy food causing it then it should have become worse when i went back home as i was eating even spicier food over there.

Not a spicy food but something you are eating regularly. For example, my son cannot eat corn products as they trigger severe migraines. It's not spicy and it's a veggie.


I ear normal Pakistani/indian food. Bread(Naan/chapati) alongwith the meat/veg curries.

Coffee in the morning. Then a sandwich for the lunch. Egg salad or tuna.

Then dinner at night.

I don't know what foods are OK that are in Pakistan for doing an elimination diet. One cuts down to foods that are usually non-allergic for 4 days, then adds the old foods one at a time and observes the reactions for 4 days. So foods that are non-allergic are usually grapes and rice.

I will give them a try starting from today. Thanks.

So sorry you are suffering. It doesn't lok too bad but can understand your embarrassment. It is obviously something here that is doing it. Maybe the water or change of shampoo.

I suggest that to wash it gently evry morning . Keep your hair and scalp as clean as you can. If you are putting anything on your hair stop. Try gently putting some Savlon on the area, before you go to sleep. You could put a piece of cloth on your pillow or a clean flannel. If after two weeks, try germolene. See if that does it. I don't understand why you have not been to a doctor. He could probably give you something that will clean it up at once.

Good luck.d

Thanks. I will definitely try the creams you have suggested. I take a shower every morning before leaving for the job and in the evening. I dont use any styling gels or oils. I went to a doctor 2 years ago and he did not know what it is and just prescribed a shampoo. I dont remember the name.

I could be wrong but im very disappointed with the GPs here. Whatever the problem is, they ask you to buy ibuprofen or paracetamol. Any other problem they say it will go away itself after few weeks as we dont wanna prescribe antibiotics just for this problem.

Any good shampoo you can recommend? At the moment i use Pantene, dove soap and sometime lynx shower gel to wash my hairs. I dont have any dandruff though.

I,m sorry that you have not been seen by a good doctor, mine are excellent. Most doctors nowadays don't give antibiotics.

I think you best bet with shampoos are something like simple or johnsons baby shampoo. Nothing strong or with lots of chemicals.gently,gently.

I feel confident that savlon will do the trick, just get a small tube to start with. Again good luck.

Hi, I would recommend moving away from these kinds of washing products. Try soap free products that make a genuine effort to be gentle on you and the planet such as 'faith in nature' or 'avalon organics' which are widely available in e.g. Holland and Barrett stores. These aren't going to have parabens and linalool and other possible chemical irritants in. Maybe the other products are reacting with the water here in a different way than they do in Pakistan.

It's called an elimination diet. You might google that for more food possibilities.

I've seen this before on embarrassing bodies

I can't remember the name of the condition

(Could be foliculitus?)

But the man that had this had a really severe case where he had patchy hair growth and his scalp was all sore and lumpy with pus discharging.

He had cortisone injected into the pustules and was given creams and special shampoo to treat the scalp condition and it worked a treat!

Maybe search the embarrassing bodies website under scalp or skin?

so sorry you are going through this - i had some thing similar last year and it went away by itself. Its so gross but it will go away !

Thanks every body for your replies.

It could be scalp psorisis. I have it and it gets really bad sometimes and sometimes it almost clears up. Does it itch?

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Faisalimtiaz in reply to garfie

It does itch sometime. And i have to rub it like a mad man.

Mine gets better sometime but does not clear completely and then it comes back very bad.

I have scalp psorisis and want to order this but I have a question. How long does a bottle last? Should I order more then one? Thank you in advance for answering me.

Thank you so much! Gonna order a bottle and see how if it will work for me!

Psoriasis is likely the cause and it got better in Pakistan as the heat is an affective way to manage the symptoms of this condition. My aunt has it too

Go to your GP or a Pharmacy and ask about Roaccutane (isotretinoin) it would work wonders for you. don't rush into any other precedures.

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