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Hi All, hope you are well. My mum suffered from psoriasis all her life, and I believe I have done so for around 12 or so years now.

I have tried all the usual shampoo products, but nothing tends to help, the doctor has gave me treatments which have worked but brought me out in acne on my head. Ive suffered so long that its become part of my life, but it embarrasses me. Sick of itching it and being irritated.

So far nobody has got to the bottom of it really, I now have a thumb nail being detached which i think is psoriasis, I have had bio tests done and no fungus found? I have noticed a bit of a smell and can see the odd pin like indents on some nails?

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to help me - thank you

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Have you tried adding apple cider vinegar to a cool tub - 1 cup? Add apple cider vinegar (ACV) a spray bottle and try spraying it on when it itches.

Add 1-3 tsp ACV to water, juice or whatever drink and drink daily. If taste is not ok, try mixing 1 tsp ACV and 1 tsp honey, then add to a drink.

There is a possible link between selenium and psoriasis. Check with doctor about how much to supplement and try it - orally.

Topically, tea tree oil may help. Try the oil undiluted, or try from amazon the tea tree oil and E cream.

I run a support group for people with chronic illness. My mother had psoriasis.


Thank you for the reply. I tried drinking ACV regularly for around two to three weeks but wasn't seeing any beneficial affects? I also tried applying directly to the thumb problem although the nail just grew back detached again. Ive not heard of selenium ill look into it thank you.


Have you tried tea tree oil on the nail? It has been nothing short of miraculous for mine though I have other diagnoses. Bad nail is growing out and new nail is coming in!


Hi dazza, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. I don't know what treatments you've tried, but this is a list of treatments for psoriasis/nail psoriasis.

DermNet: Nail psoriasis

National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF): Hands, Feet and Nails

Hope you find something that helps.


Thanks both!

I will have a read of those links too :-)


Hi dazza, sad to hear from you. As a suggestions, why don't you try to use dead sea salts. I've been using dead sea salts from San Francisco Salt Company and it works well for my psoriasis too. See how it works at and save 5% off your first order of Dead Sea Salt with coupon code: skincare5 at checkout. Hope it helps!


Hi Dazza78, I want to share something with you. I have been doing well with this thing I am taking for almost 4 months. You may want to read this article as it tackles how to increase your body's healing ability. Let me know your thoughts on this

The KEY to Increase Your Body's Self-healing Ability



Where can I find this?


Like you, I've had psoriasis for years. One thing I found helped my scalp is argan oil - rub it into the scalp itself. It moisturises & helps with the flaking and itching. As for the nail, the only thing that cleared it for me was PUVA and a drug called accitetan - but you would have to discuss that with a dermatologist. If you've not been referred, get your GP to do so.


Thanks all! It's really driving me mad


Have you seen this at all?


Hi I suffer from psoriasis of the scalp and it's nearly gone after using cocois or sebco as it depends on where you get it. I found this out to be a great cream and it's nearly disappeared. Hope you find something that works for you!!


hi the nail problem does sound like psoriasis, i have the same problem are you with a dermatologist? the head problem ive had it for 28years and yes i have been clear on my head for a short time, and your talking days not weeks, i found a praffin mix with betnovate cream , keeps it clear, so its manageabil.


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