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Breaking out/swelling around eye area past 2 years. No diagnosis, nothing helps!

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So I never had any allergy/skin issues until a little over 2 years ago. It started with a rash/swelling/itching on both upper eyelids. I’ve been to an allergist, a dermatologist, and a regular physician and none of them could give me any information. They all basically said “It could be from anything.”...which I already know. I’ve been prescribed hydrocortisone creams, steroids and even pink eye medicine (ridiculous). The hydrocortisone and steroid seemed to help a little but never completely and I don’t want to keep using either of those. I am about to lose my mind trying to figure out what this is. It goes through phases where it isn’t as bad, and then phases (like right now) where it freaks out. I’ve tried just about everything I feel like. I also have been allergy tested two times and both times I was told I don’t have any allergies (I have the WORST allergy symptoms every day of my life). I can’t wear makeup or put anything on my face and being a female in Los Angeles in the beauty industry that really has an effect on me. I’ll attach a photo of it right now but it changes and has looked different over the last 2 years. I am absolutely desperate for answers! I know I can’t be the only one in the world having this problem:(

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If you can you should get your cortisol and DHEA levels tested - both are important for fighting allergies and skin disorders

Awesome I will! Thank you!

Is there any visible mold or water damage in your home or workplace? That can cause strange unexplained and irrational allergies and they're often at mucosal sites and openings of the body, eyes are included. Do you have any hair thinning or other accompanying symptoms?

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No I don’t:/. And I have moved several times since this started. I did think that it could be that at one point but like I said now I’ve moved 3 times in the last 2 years (to a completely new state) and it’s still happening.

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That's good that's not what's keeping it going even if it ever played a part. It looks to me like angioedema so something is triggering it. If that's what it is it will be very important to isolate the trigger so it can be avoided as angioedema is low grade anaphylaxis type area. Have you had IGE tests to see what type of aero-allergens you're allergic to? That may help. If for example you found out pollen was a trigger and it was affecting your eyes you could try Cromolyn eye drops, which is a mast cell stabilizer and that may calm the problem down entirely.

But yes look extremely closely at diet, but if it's not coming in through the air into eyes, air into lungs, then it's ingestion.


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I haven’t! But I’m trying a new doctor soon and I will see if they can do that test. Thanks so much :)

Histamine intolerance could be an issue, as well. (Even though tests show you don't have allergies.) Histamine overload can cause symtoms like you are experiencing. Foods high in histamine, or any substance really, can aggravate the problem. Bacterial overgrowth (caused by incomplete food digestion) can also cause overproduction of histamine. DAO enzyme breaks down histamines in the body. However, when DAO levels are too low (leaky gut, bowel disease, certain medications, et al.), there isn't enough enzyme to keep histamine levels in a tolerable range .

Allergies have an adrenal component. People with allergies tend to have varying degrees of adrenal issues. Liver health can also have an effect. An overburdened liver can cause or worsen reactions when overwhelmed with toxins that it is unable to clear effectively.

Out of curiosity, do you get any relief from the eye swelling or other symptoms when you take an antihistamine like Benadryl? Of course, it's not a cure and you don't want to constantly rely on it. But, it would be worth a shot if you could get some relief.

Good luck figuring it out. 😊

**Some antihistamine/allergy herbs (capsule form) that you could try: Stinging Nettle, Quercetin w/ Bromelain, Thyme, Wild Marjoram, and (higher dose) Vitamin C. [I get good results from Quercetin w/ Bromelain, Thyme, and Vitamin C.]

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Yes I am aware it could be from absolutely anything unfortunately. That’s all the doctors have really been able to tell me, which is why it’s so hard to narrow down. Products, something environmental, food.

I just recently tried Benadryl after trying many other allergy medications and I honestly can’t tell if it helps much or not. I’ve taken it the last 3 days and my eye has gotten a little better but I’m not sure if it’s from the medicine or just because it’s getting better (because it always does after a couple days/week).

I will definitely, definitely try the supplements. Thanks so much!

Hi there

I get the same on both eyes.

They say it is Actinic Purigio

Do you wear sun glasses when the sun is out?

Do that to see if that helps.

I just paid to get food intolerance test done also.

Worth a go.

I know the eyes are the worst pain ever and it's so visible which affects your confidence

I know exactly where you are coming from

All the best from Glasgow

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Hmmmm I do not, but mine seems to be more allergy related and not to the sun. It is the worst though, I’m sorry you are going through something as well!

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Thanks get a food intolerances Test

I have just started to have the same I think. Very dry red itchy eyes. I’m waiting on a diagnosis ... I have a Labrador and wondering if dander could be effecting me. Started to take Loratadine 10mg which takes the edge off but not curing it. I am having problems with autoimmune issues so not sure if it could be related. Been referred to different consultants and nobody knows what’s wrong so ongoing tests.

Do hope you get help as I do ... it’s not nice ...

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Well my actual EYES aren’t really affected, they itch and burn sometimes but no redness or anything. Just swollen eyelids/rash around my eye area:/. Everyone keeps suggesting auto immune disorders. I just got a bunch of blood work done and am waiting on the results. I’ve been on a two week elimination diet to see if eliminating certain foods helps and taking a lot of supplements to help my liver. I will keep posted! Hope you find help as well!

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