Menopause rosacea


I have been suffering with what my doctor says is rosacea due to menopause, my doctor has given me many different creams and also a course of lymcycline tablets. I am still taking the tablets which I have to take for a month,

The creams and also shampoos they gave me just made it worse.

I have what looks like rosacea and spots on my cheeks and chin, more so on my right side of face.

Can anyone recommend anything i can use to wash with and moisturiser, also a good moisturising cover cream please.

My skin is so so sensitive, I think that is why the products doctor gave me made it worse.

Hope someone can help please.


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  • Hi Junie, the menopause is just a pain in the neck as the hormonal disruption can trigger various skin eruptions as far as I can see. My suggestions are, only use water for cleaning your face and if you are in a hard water area use cooled boiled water. Try any moisturiser on a tiny area first. I find Boots Tinted Moisturiser mostly ok, it claims to be hypoallergenic, but check the ingredients against the products you were given by your GP. You may find as your body adapts to the new you that your skin issues begin to settle down.

  • Hi

    Thanks so much, just got back from doctors, told me to stop using the prescribed creams, and use skin care and make up with no fragrance alcohol or sls.

    Now I have to research all that.

    Anyway thanks for your help


  • Hi Junie, I have seen other women with similar issues as you are experiencing. They have had great success with a skin regime that I am also using for a different, chronic skin condition. It is difficult to show you in this forum. Can you please email me: and we can discuss further. I really can help & am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


  • you could ask your dr for a gel,called rozez

  • Hi

    Yes I did try that, it made my skin much worse. Doctor said it is because my skin is very sensitive.

    I am still looking for products.


  • Hi Junie, I've had rosacea for around 15 years. Before I got treated, I had redness, bumps that were not like regular acne. I've been taking minocycline 50mg every day and I wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleansor every day. I put eucerin moisturizer on before applying foundation makeup. I hope that this may be of some help, It has really helped me.

  • Hi Min

    Thanks for your help.

    What make up do you use.


  • Hi Junie,

    I've written quite a few times on this site, so I've just copied and pasted, I hope you don't mind :) I've tried to make it short.

    I've had Rosacea twice, once when I was about 22 and again from March to August last year. The first time I had no idea what it was, went to I don't know how many specialist doctors and was told it was acne. I had it for years and it eventually went on its own.

    Last year I had it quite bad, I didn't want to go out of the house, it was ruining my life, I was just too embarrassed. This time I looked on Google at photos of skin problems and found that mine was actually Rosacea. I didn't go to any doctors, I find them a waste of time and I didn't want antibiotics, which is what they gave me last time. So I started searching online, I found many 'cures' but eventually I found this information and tried it.

    I bought the soap and cream and used it every morning and evening without fail, altogether I used it for about 10 weeks, I think. Sometimes it seemed to be getting a bit better and other days it seemed a bit worse but I stayed with it. I think that sometimes I covered the areas a little outside the red too much and put it on again because I had peeled it off when it was itching. I have to say that it is very drying, maybe because I have very dry skin anyway.

    You'll see in the link below, information about Rosacea, it takes a while to get rid of them and you really need to stick with it. Anyway, I was on holiday, been using it about 10 weeks and decided to stop using the cream, I still use the soap today. In 2 days it was incredible, a tiny bit of redness remained but my skin looked really normal.

    I haven't used the cream since, in fact I have a friend whose developed this problem, so I've given it to him. He's been using it since the end of November, so I'm hoping he has as good results as I've had.

    Diet is really important, there's a nutritionist called Patrick Holford, he gives really good advice on our diet, he has many books, including one on skin. I would say The New Optimum Nutrition Bible (it must be the NEW one, it has lots more information) is a really good book to start with, it's brilliant, I've bought it for lots of my family and friends. Look for second hand ones on eBay, I find them very cheap there.

    As for the moisturiser, I have very dry skin. My sister recommended I use Neal's Yard Soothing Starflower Daily Moisturiser and I love it, it's the first moisturiser I've used that is really good for my skin and doesn't irritate it. I also use a little Neal's Yard Frankincense oil around the wrinkly bits :) I'm afraid to try anything else now. We're all different, so if I were you I would ask them for sample pots of both of those first, that's what I did.

    So, I still wash my face with the special soap, rinse very well and then use the Starflower Moisturiser and Frankincense Oil as my skin regime. If I wear mascara I use a tiny bit of almond or olive oil on cotton pads to take it off. I would lay off the foundation, I find it just makes it worse, although I do sometimes use MAC Face and Body Foundation, it's very light. Just make sure you take it off as soon as you can and be very gentle when you wash your face.

    There's probably more I should mention but I don't want to go on too long, so message me if you have any questions. I have photos too.

    Information about Rosacea;

    Below is the cream I used;

    Below is the soap I used;

    Good luck and stay positive.

    Violetta x

  • Hi Violetta

    Will look at the information,

    Thanks so much for your help


  • If you're still unsure I would recommend you ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist. If it rosacea a friend of mine swears by proskin rosacea. I recommended mama nature to her and she keeps thanking me for it.

  • Thanks so much


  • You're welcome Junie!

  • try looking at for natural treatments for rosacea...if you are using anti bitoic cream then they type 2 rosacea serum may also help

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