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I've been suffering with itchy rashy feet for years now

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I have been suffering with a really itchy bumpy rash on the soles and sides of my feet for a good few years now, sometimes these bumps are filled with fluid like blisters, they are extrememly itchy and no matter how much I moisturise it doesn't seem to get better, I also have scars on the side of my feet from scratching and irritation, does anyone have any idea what this could be? I have attached a picture but it doesn't really show it very clearly however you can see the redness and the rash also

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I get itchy bumps just like that every few years during the summer. I believe it is dyshidrotic eczema, also known as Pompholyx. I have never been formally diagnosed though.

Mine seems to be triggered by hot weather and mainly affects my left foot.

Mine is also bad in hot weather too and if I wear socks but today I haven't worn socks at all and try to let my feet breathe as much as, I just wanted to know so that I could find out what sort of treatment I can use to try and help it, it is starting to become very frustrating. Thank you

All I do is try not to wear socks and make sure my feet don't get overheated when I sleep. For me, these spots always go away after 6-8 weeks and I don't see them again for a couple years. I try not to scratch them.

There are some helpful tips here:


One thing to careful of is steroid cremes, using them for long periods can permanently damage the skin. I wouldn't use them personally.

Also, moisturising the skin may be making it worse, keep your feet as dry as possible.

It may help to wash and dry your feet a couple times a day , I've never tried that but it should help to remove any bacteria and skin oils.

Have you considered it could be psoriasis? I suffered with psoriasis on my hands and feet for several years, mine looked a little more patchy that yours does from your picture but your symptoms sound very similar. I am aware there is a specific type than mainly causes irritation on hands and feet. I treated mine as though it was eczema for some time which it wasn't, so might be worth considering.

I know that my Nan has eczema on her hands, when she itches it, is sounds thick, rough. And that is exactly the same kind of thing that I have on my feet, it isn't just the bumps, it's how thick the skin is on my feet that also makes me think it is some kind of eczema. I didn't think that you could get eczema on your feet. I have tried so many creams, even athletes foot cream and that hasn't done and thing.

And no it isn't just the summer I get this, I get it pretty much every day all year round whether it's winter or summer.

I did also look into that Pompholyx myself but I didn't think it was that neither. I just need to find something that will work as it's getting to the point that I don't and can't show my feet anymore.

It isn't something I feel I would need to see the gp about, so if I could find something to try that may help that would be a good start

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It looks and sounds just like Pompholyx to me but a GP could easily confirm. I left mine until it got really bad and a visiting dermatologist friend looked at it and said it was badly infected. He gave me a note for the GP instructing antibiotics and Terbinafine cream. This worked within a few days and I've never had it again since. This was 10 years ago.


I had something very similar, only it was on the top of my feet as well as underneath. I washed them twice per day with natural soap, put ice cubes on them to stop the itching and smothered them in Aveeno moisturiser. I also cut out dairy and ate mainly fruit and vegetables. I think stress causes us lots of problems, also what we eat, too many chemicals in our toiletries, toxins in our bodies and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

I think that if you were to eat really healthy food, drink lots of good fluids like herbal teas and water, get rid of the toxic toiletries and meditate (I listen to lots of meditations on YouTube) I think you would find that it would help it to heal.

Most problems we have with our skin are internal.

Best wishes,


I dont see the need to go to the Gp I am not one who goes to the GP for anything and to be honest I wouldnt even feel comfortable showing a gp my feet, I am very feet conscious. The fact I have had it for years doesnt really scare me that its going to become infected, its just irritating and like I mentioned the sides of my feet are now scarred from all the itching and scratching I am just at a lost end of what I can use on it. I am running out of options. i googled around and apparently a cream called Eucherin is supposed to be good for things like that so I guess thats the next step.

And I already do eat healthily and I only drink water so I know it is nothing to do with diet however I do have stomach problems, I have pretty bad IBS and apparently Pompholyx and stomach issues (digestive problems) can be some what linked so maybe theres my answer. thanks for all the replies!

If you have fatigue as well, consider getting your thyroid levels checked.

Hi I don’t know if this site is active or not but I had these bumps on my feet too and I have no idea what they are, did you ever find out what they were because I would really like to know, Did you have to go to the doctor to get relief because I’m really suffering with them thank you so much

I also have the same issue. I recommend a foot doctor. He prescribed me with foot cream which is for any types of foot fungus. It is not known as athletes foot, this is a type of eczema located on your feet or hands that can go away and then flare up. Put some athlete foot cream on it twice a day after cleansing feet and you will notice the “blisters” starting to harden but don’t pick them. This will cause spreading. Scratching them also causes spreading!! Good luck!

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