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Horrible Eczema


i suffer from eczema--it's horrible. I don't get rashes or the stuff that goes with it. But I suffer horribly from itching, 24/7 (scalp and body). I don't know what to do about it. I use steroids and skin numbing creams but nothing works. I'm almost in tears from it every day. Every morning I wake up and then think "What do I put on it today?" I know I'm whining, but the itching is so bad right now I'm losing it. Does anybody here suffer from these symptom? If so what do you do about it? I need help. This has been going on for years. I currently have a dermo but not a lot of help. If you have any tips or ideas that might help me, please let me know. Thank you in advance.


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Dear Marilyn,

I too have Skin Problems but, in my case, mainly Skin Tags and 'odd' Growths. I do however have a Couple of ideas- if you are not doing them already.

Have you tried Bathing in Epsom Salt (which is Magnesium Sulphate) or Fynnan Salt (Which is Sodium Sulphate- I think that's right, but my Spell Checker doesn't like it). Alternatively you can try Sea Salt (a mixture of Sodium, Potassium and other Metal Chlorides, Iodides, Fluorides, Bromides along with other compounds.) I can't recommend quantities as this varies, sometimes considerably, between people. (A Girlfriend, that I had some years ago now, used to suffer from Psoriasis- and Eczema- on her hands and body, especially in her more 'Intimate' areas. She, like you, could 'Scream' sometimes. For her a mixture of Sea, Table and Epsom Salts brought considerable relief.)

Another 'Thought', for you, since you say that you get ITCHING... Have you tried changing your Washing Powder/ Liquid, Conditioner (if used), maybe even Washing Up Liquid- since you are in Contact, with it, a lot. It could even be your Shampoo/ Shower Gel or a Food Allergy. If you have a Pet, it might be worth Boarding 'Bowzer' with a friend, for a week. (If, at the end of the day, it 'Turns out' to be a Peanut Butter allergy you will at least have an answer.)

A final thought- perhaps a 'word', with your Dermatologist, might yield some Trial Samples, of different Creams.... I just had a couple handed to me. Beyond this I can't 'offer' you anything, except my Very Best Wishes.

Take Care


Ikeeptrying in reply to AndrewT

Dear Andrew, thank you so much for your reply. I used to bathe in Epsom Salt but stopped for some reason (can't remember why but will do so again tonight. Haven't tried the other things, we use Tide pods Maybe I'll check out some other detergents that are anti allergenic. and also look for some anti allergenic shampoo as well. Can't board "Bowzer" though, maybe the other things will work. Good luck to you and thanks again, Marilyn

troy04 in reply to Ikeeptrying

Scalp itching can be reduced vastly using The Body Shop 'Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo' and 'Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner'. If it sounds costly alternative will be: XHC Anti Dandruff Ginger Shampoo and XHC Anti Dandruff Ginger Conditioner. XHC was on a promotional period in Poundland once, but it may be still available there.

If you are in luck finding out that detergent is causing you problems, try using non-bio sensitive products.

Also, I would suggest to rinse out after cleaning teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Non fluoride toothpaste should not be used as it will damage teeth. But after cleaning teeth with fluoride toothpaste you can rinse it, swallowing fluoride toothpaste definitely aggravate eczema / atopic dermatitis / seborrheic dermatitis. Dentist may want not to rinse but I never listen to them and my teeth do not need dentist's attention even after rinsing it all my life.

I have noticed various OTC cream contains urea and claims magic solution - they don't work for me. Instead you may try - Natralia, Eczema & Psoriasis Cream. Homeopathic solution is inconsistent and it may not work for many, but it sometimes does work, and in this case I would gamble.

Hope these help.

Ikeeptrying in reply to troy04

Troy, thank you so much! I'm going to Trader Joe's and get the ginger shampoo today. You're the second person who recommended it. I hadn't heard of rinsing flouride toothpaste. I do it automatically but from now on will make sure it is all rinsed out. I'll also try the Eczema & Psoriasis cream. I've been bathing in Epsom salts and that helps too. I feel like there's help and I'm not alone with this horrible disease. I appreciate you taking the time to write me with your suggestions. Thanks again.

Hi Marilyn I

In the hope that my experience can help you, I am forwarding a copy of the reply which I have sent to other sufferers. Despite the fact that my eczema has been completely cured, it does not cost much, and is not messy, I have not had any feedback as to whether others have found it successful, and that I am the only person who has benefitted from it It's worth a try if only to experience the tingling (not painful) experience as the heat from the hairdryer bites into the scaling. (Even so, it should be used tentatively on small children). The heat treatment only nullifies the severe itching as explained in my email, as it is the kiwi fruit juice which eradicated the severe scaling which I experienced.

Best of luck if yoou try it, in which case I hope that it is a successful for you as it has been for me.

Best wishes


02 Aug 2020

At age 65 I had two strips of eczema approx. 3 inches long and an inch wide that ran parallel along my lower stomach just above my right thigh. which did not respond to hydrocortisone treatment. One day, whilst eating a kiwi fruit I smeared the inside juicy part of the skin along half of the top strip. I specifically did it this way in order that should there be any reaction to the treated part it could only be attributed to the kiwi fruit juice application. About 2 weeks later I noticed that the redness of the treated part had considerably reduced whereas the untreated elements had not. Continued application saw the complete disappearance of the treated part. I then did the same with each half of the other remaining parts individually and they all subsequently disappeared after being treated, but not before. I do not recollect that the strips were itchy. Then, 4 years later I had a severe eczema outbreak on both legs, with heavy scaling mainly down the shins and onto both insteps, with a white crusty looking ring of skin around both ankles, and suffered aggravating itching which was at times unbearable. There was no response to medical treatment, so I repeated the kiwi fruit treatment mentioned above. I cannot really describe the violent reaction which followed. I haven't been burnt with acid, but I would imagine that it would be more of a description as opposed to hot/boiling water. Fortunately, it only lasted for about 10 very long seconds before subsiding. Luckily I persevered with the treatment as the first totally unexpected bonus was that the aggravating itching was replaced by a more tolerable smarting, similar to being stung by moderate strength stinging nettles. This meant that there was no further need to scratch the scaling, but instead to stroke it gently which eased the stinging. I further discovered that spraying the legs with hot water brought a great deal of relief and left the skin feeling very fresh. I carried on with the treatment and eventually all the scaling and the ankle crust disappeared, but, unfortunately, the skin was left reddened where the scaling used to be. (Not too much of a problem if the affected areas are covered with clothing, but on exposed areas such as the face a difficult choice would have to be made as to which is the lesser of the two evils).

Some 10 years later the scarring is not so noticeable, but there is still a moderate smarting of the skin.

Later, I have had 2 further outbreaks of severe itching, one on my back above the left hip, and one on my left knee. Because I could not apply the kiwi juice to my back, instead of using hot water as previously, I turned the hairdryer up as hot as I could and directed the hot air onto the irritation. It was very effective and stopped the itching for a day or so, so I continued with doing this which has been successful in that I have not had to repeat it for well over 2 months. The same treatment was applied to the knee, with the same result. I told my sister of this, so she tried it on some itching she experienced on her foot, and informed me that it was very successful in stopping the itching.

I do not know what type of eczema I had, but I only became aware of it when I was aged 65. I am now 83 years old.

Hopefully this cheap, (and beneficial as the kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamin C), cure will prove to be successful to anyone who tries it. It should be because I doubt very much that I am the only person in the world that responds to this cure.

Please note that great consideration should be given to any decision to use this remedy on a child, due to the violent reaction which was mentioned earlier. It literally brought tears to my eyes for the first few applications. I would also recommend using the hot hair dryer treatment straight away, in the hope that it will immediately reduce the severe itching.

Whether it will be beneficial for psoriasis or other skin sufferers I do not know, but maybe trying both of my remedies could be beneficial.

Best of luck to whoever tries it, and I do hope that it is as successful for you as it has been for me.

(Any feedback from users will be much appreciated).


Ikeeptrying in reply to tudhoe

Hi Peter, sounds like this would cure the eczema or kill me. But it's so simple will have to try it. I could use this (kiwi juice) on my scalp. Can't use these amazing creams there. I appreciate you taking the time to write about your experiences. Maybe it will help me and other people who read this.

tudhoe in reply to Ikeeptrying

Hi Marilyn - well, it didn't kill me, so you have nothing to fear if giving it a try. The time factor for the first application was nothing to show for about 3 days but then I noticed a marked reduction in the redness on the treated areas after 5-6 days applications. The same time frame was repeated on subsequent applications, so it will be a case of perseverance. I wonder if trying the heat treatment has had any effect, as it was immediately beneficial when I first used it. It was a wonder sensation, similar to a good scratching without damaging the skin.

Using it on the scalp will be quite messy, but if successful it will be well worth the trouble.

I would definitely advise you to try both remedies, so if you do maybe you could let me know of the outcome in about 3 weeks time. It worked wonders for me, so hopefully it will for you.

Here's hoping.


Ikeeptrying in reply to tudhoe

Peter, I'm not sure when I will try this. I have a bunch of other things to try, thanks to the people on this site. But I will definitely let you know how it goes when I do.

tudhoe in reply to Ikeeptrying

Hi Marilyn - having many potential cures to try will complicate your decision, as one cure may conflict with another thus possibly confusing the issue. I would, however, strongly recommend using the heat treatment asap, as it brought me immediate relief from the infernal itching. My experience was that the first try brought relief for a day or so, the next try brought relief for 4 days or so, with a gradual lengthening time span until the itching completely subsided. Flare-ups treated at different hard to reach sites also resulted in the itching being cleared. The scalp itch is more of a problem, but a wig will hide any baldness when going outside, and it will certainly be the lesser of the two evils.

Best of luck.


How awful for you i can well sympathise. You feel you need a new skin. The cream that does it for me is Elocin - amazing stuff. Put on Bioderma Atoderm intensive baume (buy from Amazon - best skin cream ever) then supplement that with Elocin (prescription only from GP) once per day. Alternate days Atoderm only. Seems to shift anything - amazing combo. Good luck!

Ikeeptrying in reply to Ray163

Ray, I asked my dermologist for a Rx fpr Elocin cream. This was her reply. I didn't know the answer. "Did you mean Elocon cream, or mometasone? I just want to make sure I have the correct medication. If this is the cream you mean, it is just a topical steroid, like those I have prescribed before."

troy04 in reply to Ikeeptrying

Elocin is a Dutch hand cream, does not sound like suitable for Eczema. Elocon cream is used for Psoriasis and it has steroid : mometasone furoate 0.1%.

Thank you, I'll try it. Sounds like it would work. Now I just need something for my scalp which acts like it's trying to itch itself away.

Thanks Troy. I'm confused, think I'll just leave it to my dermo from now on.

In children, avoiding ALL dairy products, and items including dairy like biscuits, cakes and some bread, may be effective. It may help for adults too.

Thank you, worth a try.

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