Rosacea or Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Rosacea or Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Hi everyone

I've never posted on anything like this before but now it is time.

For 8 years now from 15-23 I've suffered from flushed and very red skin around my cheeks (just either side of my nose) going up between my eyebrows, as well as on my temples and chin, but is slightly milder.

On top of that the affected areas get very dry kind of bitty/flakey bits of skin, and a lot of moisturisers tend to irritate the redness in getting rid of the dryness.

I've visited my GP in the past who diagnosed me with acne rosacea for which he prescribed acea gel. Which didn't work. To be fair I only tried it for like a couple of days But when applying it after washing my face it really stings, and then drys my face up so I have to use moisturiser again which in turn irritates it.

I then visited Sk:n, who diagnosed me with seborrhoeic dermatitis. Prescribing me with Elidel Pimecrolimus cream, along with using alphosyl and nizoral shampoos. This felt like the thing that had worked the best and I felt great about my skin.

Unfortunately time passed and it came back. And I couldn't afford another £100.00 trip to a private dermatologist so went back to the GP.

Every time I go to the GP and try to explain the above they say that the only thing that they can do is prescribe the medicine they see fit - not elidel - so now (for the past 48 hours) I've been using acea gel again and Epimax moisturiser. Again I feel like this is wrong but I'm going to give it more time. Luckily and finally the GP has referred me to the dermatologist, as urgent, due to the way it effects my working and social life, which it does, massively. No one understands what it feels like to be constantly looking at other people's faces on the train thinking 'they are so lucky'. Looking only at people faces in the area where I'm affected, thinking they're only looking at my affected areas thinking to themselves 'wtf why is this guy so red'. Family, friends and girlfriends have told me that 'it's not that bad', 'don't be so silly just forget it', 'don't think about it be positive and happy', all of which I agree with but it's not that easy. Every time I look in to the mirror I don't look in to my eyes, at my hair, anything really apart from my skin. I know I'm suffering from a deep anxiety about it and I feel helpless and hopeless and alone.

My skin is super flushed right now and I had to miss work on Monday to go to the GP because my anxiety was so bad after the flair up. (I believe the flair up was caused by using dermol which I don't usually use).

I guess I just want some advice on things to do to help it. Advice on medical products or even my symptoms and a diagnosis. If anyone wants me to send pictures I'm happy to. I've got some reaaaaal disgusting ones waiting, ones that I actually sent my boss to try and convince her I'm not just being silly haha. Anyway I digress, all comments are welcome thanks for reading my sob story.

Yours skincerely (see what I did there)


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  • Hi. I have a proven regime for Rosacea!! Please email me:

    Looking forward tohearing from you and helping you.

    Helen Connellan

  • please insist on the products that suit you (politely) i went with information that I had done a lot of research on my GP gave me the antibiotics that I wanted and also the cream. i have been given creams that almost took the skin off and made me much worse and obviously sore.. so that is why I did a lot of research to try and help myself.. no point in using anything that is wrong for you..If you can buy BIODERMA MICELLAR WATER AR( = ANTI REDNESS) TO CLEAN YOU FACE AND BIODERMA BB CREAM EITHER CLEAR OR TINTED they are suitable for even the most sensitive skins I use them and the skin feels comfortable and free of soreness but it will take a little bit of time to see results. I would say clear of cream for you as you are male but for ladies the tinted cream is brill as covers the redness gently . we have to be careful of what we use and most cleansers/moisturisers have 'stuff' in that irritates. i will be happy to answer any questions . (it looks like Roscesa to me.) keep out of the sun ... easy at this time of year ....and don't eat spicy foods for a while . good luck

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I shall give this a go! And the advice as well I will take on board. This website is great!

  • it looks like rosacea to me and if you are still unsure I would recommend you ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist. If it rosacea a friend of mine swears by proskin rosacea. I recommended mama nature to her and she keeps thanking me for it.

  • I've just looked online and it looks good! I'll try it out. Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it

  • You're welcome Taylor! Hope it helps :)

  • Hi Nick!

    I was referred to an NHS dermatologist a few years back and was told that I had BOTH the conditions you mentioned on my face (which could well be the situation for you) at the same time alongside psoriasis. Ironically at the time my skin didn't actually look that bad!

    Now though the conditions are creeping steadily all over my face and as soon as I get a little bit warm my face burns so much I can feel my nose pulse!!

    I was given an ointment that cleared the flakes and gave me soft new skin, but that was so tender even holding a cup of coffee to my mouth would make my nose and surrounding area feel like it had been scalded!

    So I gave up on that method and family life got in the way and I've done nothing since.

    However I noticed in December that I was getting what looked like acne. The GP said it was my rosacea and to put some E45 on it!!

    I guess I'm responding to your message to say I share your pain & frustration... But I think the only way forward for both of us is to insist on a referral to a dermatologist!

    If in the interim you find a soothing remedy... Let me know!


  • Yes! I feel like I might have both as well but wasn't sure if that was even possible. How lucky are we aye! Nice to know there's someone feeling the same way. I've been referred so I'll let you know the outcome. At the moment I've stopped using the acea gel because of how much it burned my skin on application. I've continued to just use the epimax moisturiser that can sting a bit on application but I don't think it shows any inflammation after. Not in the way the acea gel did. With regards to your flakeyness I recommend highly hat you try using alphosyl shampoo. Apparently (according to a dermatologist I saw about a year ago) the flakeyness is very similar to dandruff of the scalp. So letting the shampoo run down your face and leaving it for a couple of minutes can help. If you then use a moisturiser after it can make a big difference. Other than that try asking your gp to prescribe elidel, it really was the best thing I've used.

    Thank you for your advice and good luck!

  • I'll be trying to see my GP this coming week so I'll definitely give it a go!

    Funnily enough I've been using Tgel shampoo and doing just as you said... Maybe I'll try another shampoo...

    I hope you get it sorted, let me know how you get on!


  • I had something very similar and I had IBS. To treat the IBS I went on the fodmap diet, this diet also made a huge difference to my skin. I use coconut oil on my face.

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