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Best shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis

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This has probably already been covered but I was wondering which shampoos you find to be most effective for seborrheic dermatitis. I've used Head and Shoulders, T/Gel, Selsun, Ducray, Nizoral and Clear. All help to some degree but none really get rid of the itching. If you have any ideas please let me know. It's really getting me down. Mine is caused by autoimmune disease (MS) so maybe there isn't any help. Hate to think so though. Some of you have already responded to me and I appreciate it. Looking for the magic bullet. Thank you.

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Please try 'Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo' from The body Shop and 'T/GEL 2-in-1 Dandruff shampoo PLUS conditioner'. Please apply on alternate days and I am sure you will see benefit after 2 weeks. Please don't forget to leave on scalp for 3 minutes after application before washing off.

/ Troy

Hi no shampoos really stop the itching as they only touch the service. I use Tony Maleedy Jinuper shampoos and leave on for a few minutes. I find the Betacap and the witch hazel/mouthwash solution only helps with the itchiness. Hope that helps.

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hello Ikeeptrying - hope you are better after the new cream you were prescribed.

I can recommend dove cream shower gel used as a shampoo to help the itchiness.

Neutrogena shampoo is also good for dandruff and dry scaly skin. Think as you have an autoimmune disease you might find that vitamin F which is a hormone in evening primrose oil and in starflower oil or gels may be useful. It is used for endocrine skin disorders especially in women who have hormonal changes.

Other useful information concerning MS and skin problems can be found on Dr Mercola's website on MS and food supplements to help MS. He recommends a grain free diet including wheat rye barley but out of interest you can find out if you have a food allergy or multi allergies which are affecting your condition including eggs cows milk multi grains.

Allergy tests can be done using a finger prick test in Alphega pharmacies which are in many areas. They are linked with the NHS so you can pass on the results for your records.

Also recommended are omega 3 oils which help the myelin sheath on the nerves which affect the MS. Codliver oil may be helpful and there are other omega 3 supplements.

There are other supplements which may help the autoimmune condition on his website.

The Us seem to have more information on alternative therapies to help, including vitamin therapy. Take care G

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Many thanks to all who responded. Gadgrantgg I appreciate very much your suggestions. I'm surprised that dove cream shower gel can be used as a shampoo that will help with itching. I wasn't aware of vitamin F and I will investigate which foods have it. I'm in the US and not aware of Alphega pharmacies but I can ask my PCP to arrange for an allergy test. And I will visit Dr. Mercola's web site today. Your response had so many good suggestions. Thank you!

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it's worth a try !

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