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Face Eczema driving me mental!!!

I have had eczema for my full 22 years of existence but recently my face eczema around my eyes has been driving me round the bend. A life time of having steroid creams put on my has left my skin damaged and frail so I am now using steroid free creams. At the moment I am using Aveeno - shea butter cream on my face and although I have only been using it for a few days I am liking the effect so far. I am on a dairy free diet and I don't wear makeup unless it for a special occasion. Can anyone suggest any creams that could help reduce the redness and the constant flaking skin. Someone suggested Dry Eye Gel has anyone tried it? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, it sounds like you're experiencing topical steroid withdrawal symptoms. My son is going through this at the moment, you've done the right thing coming off of the steroid creams but it's a long process to get better. It will look and feel worse until it gets better but you should eventually have healthy skin again. There is no magic formular to assist this recovery as everyone is different, but use and do whatever you feel is good for your skin. Hope your skin recovers quickly for you.

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Hi Rainie, I have great sympathy for you, I too have had eczema for over thirty years and at times would not leave the house as my face was bright red itchy and sore, on your body you can cope with it but your face can make you depressed, as a last resort my dermatologist put me on Protopic, it does not contain steroids but does alter your immune system so you do not get flare up's. I vary rarely have to use Protopic as my skin is clear most of the time it's heavenly being able to wear make up without irritation and no redness and itching ,All I use these days are emollients to keep my skin hydrated. Hope this may be of some use to you.



Im also a sufferer with eczema on my face i use a mixture of fucidin and epaderm cream or ointment.



simple and natural remedies for you.

1. Cleanse face with Aqueous Cream after rubbing on with finger tips. Wash off then use Misselliar clenser with cotton wool pad.

2. Using a cotton wool pad wet with Misselier Toner or Astringent Toner (which I use).

3. Apply Fermaline (yes) cream to face using light strikes. This will stop you scratching and get rid of any sudden itchyness. Germaline has an calming agent in it which is used to numb.

Do the above twice daily. All items are sold in pound shops , chemists and supermarkets.

I found the waters for normal skin work best.

Good luck.

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section 3 should state Apply Germaline.


Hi wonitee, I found I had ecxema a few months ago and it 'was driving me round the bend' mainly on arms and legs. I had been using steroid creams for a long time and I think they may have(I could be wrong!) damaged my skin. But am 63 so it might be partly age.

I followed the advice on the 'British Association of Dermatologists' web site;

‘Complete emollient therapy’ is the mainstay of treatment for all patients with eczema as the most important part of their treatment this means regular application of a

moisturiser (also known as an emollient and washing with a moisturiser instead of soap (known as a soap substitute).

And I forced myself to stop scratching-that was the hardest bit!

It has now cleared up following there advice

Here is a link to there web site;


I hope its ok to post links.

Which ever treatment you use, I hope it gets better for you, best wishes, Anthony


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