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Kind moisturisers for seborrehic dermatitis

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(I hope I spelt that right)

Hello all, I struggle from seborrehic dermatitis on both sides of my nose, forehead and in my ears. It really knocks my confidence as being on the face it is so visible. I was referred to a dermatologist about 12 years ago and was prescribed Nizoral cream. I still use this and it does sooth the burning, however it causes big thick yellow skin flakes which makes me feel like I have snake skin. The rest of my skin is dry and getting wrinkles before it’s time as i have no idea what moisturiser to use. All the average moisturisers cause flare ups and burns the effective areas.

I guess I have three questions;

1) is Bizoral still the best and up to date cream to use?

2) can anyone recommend a moisturiser which will not aggravate dermatitis?

3) any good make up cover ups which don’t highlight the skin flakes?

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.

10 Replies
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Hi. Have you tried the QV range of products? I use the cream and gentle wash and it works well for me. I had a sample pack of different makes from my dermatologist which is how I found out about it and some of the others and it gave me a chance to find which is the best for me.


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No I haven’t but I’ll look into it. thanks.


May I suggest you try DHEA to quieten down your over active immune system also GABA both help dry skin in an amazing way - you should only have 10 - 15 mg of DHEA as for GABA I am currently having 2 500mg per day I

would not tell anyone else to do the same but it hasn't done me any harm it's like taking steroids except there are no horrible side effects and you sleep like a log on it m

Lancome's Nutrix has to be the best moisturiser in the world it is expensive but it is worth every penny

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Google Emuaidmax (shytobuy). Has improved and moisturised my skin and calmed my SEB.derm.

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I understand how you feel. I have facial eczema, and over the years I have had to experiment with quite a few things.

As for moisturizers, the Holy Grail for me was Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer. Used it for thirty years. That is until they changed the formula. However; if you don't have a sensitivity to wheat or gluten (new formula has barley) you may want to give it a try.

I have always preferred the texture of commercial lotions and creams, but I react to pretty much all of them. So, now I mix olive oil, apricot kernel oil, and fractionated coconut oil with aloe vera gel. It can be used on face and body. You can buy Vanicream unscented base and mix a little in to make it a cream gel texture.

I have found that diluting Nizoral, Miconazole, Clotrimazole (or any topical meds) in moisturizer, as opposed to full strength application, works well. 1% Hydrocortisone cream (OTC) mixed in small amounts during a flare can be helpful, as well.

Makeup foundations that are powder based accentuate flaky/scaly skin conditions. Moisturizing, satin finish foundations and concealers work best (even for oilier skin types). Then setting them with loose powder to make sure foundation is set for the day. Loose or pressed powder works well if used in this way. Just make sure areas are descaled and moisturized before makeup application.

I have tried countless cosmetic brands over the years and have mostly found new iterations to be lacking. I still find that Max Factor Panstick Foundation, Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Compact Cream Foundation, Coty Loose Powder, Maybelline concealer (stick), Laura Mercier products (especially her loose powder and concealers), and Bobbi Brown makeup still provide the very best coverage, in my experience.

Hope you can find some good products to keep in your arsenal.😊

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Thanks I’ll definitely be having a go with those make up suggestions. I find my skin is worse when I eat bread so I’m not sure if that is the result of additional yeast or gluten...maybe both so I may not try Clinique but I love the sound of your natural mix so I’ll give that a go x

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I also suffer with SD, it’s prominent in my scalp, behind my ears, in and on my ears, creases of my nose and my eyebrows. It’s annoying but I now have a method which really works for me.

For my scalp I wash my hair once a week with Nizarol shampoo , condition and then use coconut oil every other day to lightly grease my scalp.

For inside my ears , once every 2 weeks I use ,medicated olive oil spray from Boots, it stops the itching and really soothes the dry skin.

For my face I sparingly use Daktacort ointment, mainly when I have flare ups - which I notice is dependant on the weather! I I also use No7 reflect and protect serum and moisturiser daily.

My routine has really helped my skin, I’ve had no adverse reactions. I find the N07 range is really effective, and I’ve tried quite a few types.

I guess it’s trial and error to find what works for you.

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Thank you. I have lots of things to try now 😊

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Hi, I also have seborrheic dermatitis in my ears and steroid cream does the same for me; big flakes of skin and it’s very itchy all day when it’s at its worst! I’ve been balancing out the steroid cream use with Beelief Botanics - Emoliex Plus balm.

It hasn’t cleared my skin up completely, it still looks pretty bad but it definitely stops the itching. I haven’t actually found anything yet that completely clears the skin up (if anyone has - please let me know!) but I find the oilier the moisturiser, the better. Hope this helps x

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Hi - I truly sympathise with you - it has taken ages to finally be diagnosed with SD. Why is that?!!!

The Aveeno brand of moisturising products are very gentle and do not cause any reaction. Twice a day is adequate as an all over body moisturiser. Aveeno is available online and pricewise check Ebay for ‘brand new’ Aveeno moisturiser to be sure. Aveeno stocks bath products too.

Moisturising the skin is very helpful. I use ‘emu oil’ on the actual lesions, a 3-pack in little plastic bottles is sold online at Ebay usually at a reduced price. It helps and eventually the lesion can flake off (Don’t pick!).

For face, throat and chest ‘emuaid homeopathic medicine’ on Amazon or Ebay. A tiny amount is adequate followed by your facial moisturiser or other way around if preferred.

Bioderma is the very best product for problem skins. Choose skin type/problem. I use Bioderma Sensibio for sensitive, dry, anti redness. Go to choose country.

I hope some of this proves useful.

Good luck!

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