stubborn face rash

I have extremely sensitive skin after buying a new cleanser and i literally broke out in a prickly face rash witinh 2 minutes. I have been taking antihistamine for a week now and it hasn't cleared up. In fact it's getting worse. It seems like I am allergic to living! i now feel like i am reacting to my face moisturiser as during the day i feel my skin bubbling. i feel so down and insecure, especially where there is bright light. how long will it take for the rash to go? I saw GP today who prescribed cortisone cream. I am thinking of using as my face moisturiser till it clears up but aware it thins the skin...

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  • When skin calms d9wn have a look at for sensitive skin solutions

  • Two things......I use water only to clean my skin after a lot of trying so called hypoallergenic cleansers etc. I now use either Boots Botanics range mosturiser or No.7. and seem to be able to tolerate.

    If you can tolerate moisturiser, put it on first and leave a time gap, then thinly apply cortisone on worst bits. The cortisone cream is not a good moisturiser, if anything it is slightly drying.

    Also see the NES info on facial eczema. They also have a helpline where you can get help for all the emotional stuff eczema gives you.

  • thanks. my face has calmed down now. i now only use water to cleanse my face and wipe residue with cotton pad :)

  • Hi,

    The bubbling bit sounds a lot like how my skin felt, I started using foundation and I think that's what actually started. I try to avoid it as much as possible now.

    I hope you don't mind but rather than write another post I'm going to copy and paste one I've already written. Any questions just ask. See below;

    I've had Rosacea twice, once when I was about 22 and again from March to August last year. The first time I had no idea what it was, went to I don't know how many specialist doctors and was told it was acne. I had it for years and it eventually went on its own.

    Last year I had it quite bad, I didn't want to go out of the house, it was ruining my life, I was just too embarrassed. This time I looked on Google at photos of skin problems and found that mine was actually Rosacea. I didn't go to any doctors, I find them a waste of time and I didn't want antibiotics, which is what they gave me last time. So I started searching online, I found many 'cures' but eventually I found this information and tried it.

    I bought the soap and cream and used it every morning and evening without fail, altogether I used it for about 10 weeks, I think. Sometimes it seemed to be getting a bit better and other days it seemed a bit worse but I stayed with it. I think that sometimes I covered the areas a little outside the red too much and put it on again because I had peeled it off when it was itching. I have to say that it is very drying, maybe because I have very dry skin anyway.

    You'll see in the link below, information about Rosacea, it takes a while to get rid of them and you really need to stick with it. Anyway, I was on holiday, been using it about 10 weeks and decided to stop using the cream, I still use the soap today. In 2 days it was incredible, a tiny bit of redness remained but my skin looked really normal.

    I haven't used the cream since, in fact I have a friend whose developed this problem, so I've given it to him. He's been using it since the end of November, so I'm hoping he has as good results as I've had.

    Diet is really important, there's a nutritionist called Patrick Holford, he gives really good advice on our diet, he has many books, including one on skin. I would say The New Optimum Nutrition Bible (it must be the NEW one, it has lots more information) is a really good book to start with, it's brilliant, I've bought it for lots of my family and friends. Look for second hand ones on eBay, I find them very cheap there.

    As for the moisturiser, I have very dry skin. My sister recommended I use Neal's Yard Soothing Starflower Daily Moisturiser and I love it, it's the first moisturiser I've used that is really good for my skin and doesn't irritate it. I also use a little Neal's Yard Frankincense oil around the wrinkly bits :) I'm afraid to try anything else now. We're all different, so if I were you I would ask them for sample pots of both of those first, that's what I did.

    So, I still wash my face with the special soap, rinse very well and then use the Starflower Moisturiser and Frankincense Oil as my skin regime. If I wear mascara I use a tiny bit of almond or olive oil on cotton pads to take it off. I would lay off the foundation, I find it just makes it worse, although I do sometimes use MAC Face and Body Foundation, it's very light. Just make sure you take it off as soon as you can and be very gentle when you wash your face.

    There's probably more I should mention but I don't want to go on too long, so message me if you have any questions. I have photos too.

    Information about Rosacea;

    Below is the cream I used;

    Below is the soap I used;

    Good luck and stay positive.

    Violetta x

  • I'm so glad you found something that worked for you. Thanks for your detailed answer. I'm black and many of the photos I see of rosacea online are of white people so its hard to know if i have that or not. But I've found a good remedy which seems to be working which was inspired by what's called the Korean beauty regime.


    Cleanse face with argan oil and wash off

    Tone with glycolic acid 5 percent

    Moisturise with Maracuja oil

    My face is more moisturised and rashes are nearly gone..i think the cold caused the rash to begin with by stripping the natural oil and the Maracuja has helped restore it

  • I'm glad to hear that you've found something that works for you. The more people write these posts the more people will realise that they can do something about it.

    Best wishes,

    Violetta x

  • have you thought about acupuncture? meant to be fantastics

  • Has that worked for you ?

  • Hi Tothemax,

    There's a very interesting doctor I listen to called Jerry Tennant and he talks about acupuncture. I think it's a good idea, I would like to try it, I need to do some research to find a good one.

    Best wishes,

    Violetta x

  • meantime you could try the proskins excema. i heard good things about this company.

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