Rash on abdomen that is spreading and bruising - MY SKIN

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Rash on abdomen that is spreading and bruising

I have had a rash on my abdomen for a little over two weeks that has been spreading and now includes my breast, back, chest, and buttocks. It is itchy, and as of recently, there are bruises mixed in with the rash in some areas.

As you can see in the picture it started as just a few randomly places little marks on the skin and now they are EVERYWHERE. The rash has not responded to steroid cream.

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Get back to GP or dermatologist and let them know that no response to steroid cream. They may try another tack.



I have just seen your post and thought I would tell you I have a similar thing. Mine started a week ago. It first started on my arms, I had been in the sun and thought it was prickly heat but it then spread to my stomach which had been covered in the sun. I now have it on my legs and chest.

I have been taking antihistamine but they are not helping.

I am hypothyroid and do know rashes and hives can be associated with it, as can other

autoimmune conditions, do you happen to have any autoimmune conditions?

Or could it be something you are eating?


I do not have an autoimmune disease that I am aware of, and an ANA panel came back negative for any known allergies. I see a Dermatologist in a week, just hoping it won't spread to my whole body by then.


Let me know how you get on when you have seen your Dermatologist and hope you find the answer to what is causing it.

Good luck.


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