dermatitus on my face

hi guys,ive got dermatitus on my face which flares up qiute bad sometimes,i also get really dry skin on my face when ive had a bath/shower,is there any creams out there that will help with the dermatitus and the dry skin,ive tried e45 and stuff like that but it just makes it worse,getting in to see my doctor is just a joke so no point there,thanks in advance guys xx

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  • Hi leefaz,

    I find that the Cetaphil range suits my skin, but everyone's different.

    Cetaphil (Boots):

    Leefaz, are you sure that you have dermatitis? Skin conditions such as rosacea can cause sore, dry and inflamed skin, but oil-based creams such as E45 can make symptoms worse. Oil-free skin creams are advised.

    Dermatitis: DermNet NZ

    Rosacea: DermNet NZ

  • hi shell yeah doc said i have it but trying to get in again to see a dermatologist is impossible,ive got it down the side of my nose going down to my chin hun xx

  • Hi leefaz,

    It does sound as if you need to see a dermatologist. Most G.Ps know very little about skin conditions.

    Shell. x

  • Hi, I've got the same issue with water activation alomg with temperature (and stress).

    My Gp pointed out as Sebhorroic Dermatitis and prescribed Daktacort (over counter brand Daktarin) with M&s conazole nitrate + hydrocortisone in. Thats a green tube but there is a brown one which has a similar name which escapes me.

    The first was a daily, the latter every couple of days. The second had a more noticeable effect. But they're steroids and most sources say not for extended use. I only use it occasionally now.

    Non medicated stuff that is good as a barrier are Aqueous Creams (unbranded), Hydromol (big tub which is a bit waxy so careful for slipperiness in the shower) and Doublebase. A light spreading after shower will be beneficial.

    Finally for the grooming. I only wet-shave so the inflammation is inevitable. If you can afford to fork out for a decent skin scrub, I recommend the Elemis brand and after drying off, if getting bad, go for their SOS survival Cream. Hand on heart the best way to be less flaky I found if out and about.

    I may ask for a referral to Dermatologist, I'll check back if I do.

  • you need to get referred to a dermatologist to get the proper cream which may be protopic with a moisturiser called QV neither of which are available for you to buy over the counter.

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