New here! Hi everyone!

Hi! I've had dry skin from childhood. A few years ago it got worse, probably due to frequent handwashing (comes with working with food). I got emollient cream from the doctor, which keeps that clear most of the time, although it does flare up from time to time. Also have psoriasis on my scalp.

Very recently (within the last few months), my skin has gotten a lot worse. I've just discovered I've an underactive thyroid, and dry skin is a symptom (along with tiredness, sluggish, depression, weight gain, brain fog, etc). Not sure if this will be any help to anyone, but it might be.

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  • Maybe underactive thyroid may be reason. However there is another reason which only you can investigate. Are you eating the right foods (fatty acids) that are the building blocks of skin oil. If you are not eating these important skin oil building foods then you will get dry skin. Different people need different amounts for want of a better word genetic reasons.

    Try evening primrose oil capsules for about a month and see if they make any difference.

    Hope this helps.

  • Must try evening primrose oil. Hadn't heard of that being good for skin before. Going to the doctor on Tuesday anyway to ask questions about the various symptoms I have with the underactive thyroid, and see if there is anything I can/shouldn't take/eat to help matters.

  • Hi

    I agree with the reply from johnsmith advising eating the right fatty acids. They are so important for our skin.

    Also, you need to find the right cream that includes the fatty acids for the skin, as well as hydrating and feeding the skin. Emollient creams are okayish but you need more than that for your skin.

    I would suggest that you once a week you apply avocado oil to the scalp (and stick a bath cap over it as it helps the oil penetrate the skin) and leave it for as long as possible.

    Then apply shampoo FIRST and work it into the hair and then water.

    This needs to be done once a week and you will find it will help and ease the condition. Probably not get rid of it completely (I have had seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp since 2012) and this treatment is essential for me to keep it at bay. Helps immensely.


  • Would the avocado oil help with dry hair? Not sure if that in genetic or not as my daughter has even drier hair than me, and she doesn't get that from her Daddy! If that worked, I'd do that on me and her! She can't even use shampoo on her hair (conditioner only, and the expensive one at that) as it dries it up terribly!

  • Avocado really works wonders on the hair. However, you need to do this once a week. The difference in my hair is amazing - soft (unbelievable so) and silky.

    I can only recommend it!

  • Thanks :)

  • Hi there. There is a shampoo that helps with scalp psoriasis. Its called seacret and is amazing for the hair. Depending where you live I could send youa sample or you could buy it at a mall that still sells them

  • Must have a look for it. Is it also good for coloured hair? I find the grey are beginning to outnumber the brown...

  • Yes its good for colored hair as well

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