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What an age to start!

I am 52 and up until the tender age of 40, never really had any skin problems, not even as a hormonal teenager! Since turning 40 I have had increasingly dry skin and now find that I have started with eczema and allergies, having had two bouts of anaphylaxis in the past few years!

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JayneP, have you been to your GP about these issues? If not it really is worth a visit. My mum stared developing allergies as she got older as well, wasps, mosquitos and latex, are the ones I am aware of. She now has an epipen, which she carries around with her.

I myself suffer with dry skin and eczema, to try and help it I use a non fragranced gentle shower cream (as some shower gels can dry out the skin) and moisturise after a shower/bath. I have used various creams including E45 cream, Diprobase and I always keep handy some sudocream. If you are not already it maybe worth trying these out to see what works for you, but it is probably best to visit your GP first to discuss with them.

Good luck!


Hi Kate,

Yes I went to my GP after my first anaphylaxis episode and as soon as the eczema started, it was he who diagnosed it, I just went with an itchy, raised rash! I still don't know what made me react, just have to carry an epipen with me wherever I go and take antihistamine daily. I have several creams that I use (prescribed ones) when I have a flare up and use body lotion daily. I'm fine with scented products and have reacted badly to Aqueous cream would you believe?

My youngest daughter stated with allergies and eczema at 6 months old, so it obviously runs in the family!


Hello JayneP,

Do you reckon this is something you would be happy to talk to the press about? We're always always trying to build on our case studies who help with press work, and someone with your condition and situation would be a great addition in the effort to try and spread awareness about skin disease and what living with one entails?

What do you think? Feel free to have a read here about helping in this way: bit.ly/n8iVv1

Or you can contact me on 0207 391 6347 or bevis@britishskinfoundation.org.uk


Bevis (Communication's Manager at the BSF)


Sorry Bevis, I've only just seen this! Or I replied via e-mail and forgot. Always willing to talk about anything I can help with if it helps others.


Hi Jayne, I'm 52 now and I was exactly the same, never no spots when I was younger and I had such a baby and lovely pale complexion, even up to being about 25 as never wore foundation. I started developing hayfever for the first time at 40 as it was a very hot year which the doctor diagnosed. after this, I never had it again until a few years ago when it came back with a vengeance, again, it was the very hot month in august that I got bit badly and I was working and at home still, not gone away. By October, I had developed rough dry skin on my feet (never had this before in my life and they were starting to crack and couldn't walk so had to have a week off work and take medication for a 24 hour pessary cream I had to put on and put it on again the following week to ensure they had all gone. This did clear it up but I have suffered with dry and cracked feet ever since and do occasionally get flare ups, I think every month as this is when the menopause started as been off and on with it ever since I stopped taking my antihistamine tablets from the doctor as these make you drowsy and I found out that as you get older, your immune system doesn't work as good so I took vitamin c tablets every day instead and felt much better, also my dry skin cleared up although I still get some flare up but that is instead of my monthly periods now so I know it is definitely hormone related, it was just after this when my hip went so I think this may be to do with my bones deteriorating as I had an uncemented hip so maybe I need to do more exercise to get my bones stronger but I need rest first and a bone scan but need to ask the doctor first if this is needed


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