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Hi can any one give me some advice on a very itchy scalp.

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I have been told by hairdresser that its not dandruff but dry skin had it for years but seems to be getting worse had to get up in the middle of the night to wash my hair itchiness so bad. Tried all sorts of shampoos cheap ones expensive ones non perfumed tried E45 shampoo and two that was recommended by boots pharmacy none of them seem to work

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Why dont you try coconut oil, Amongst other stores, it can be obtained from Holland and Barrett and Amazon . It worked for me.

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Hi thankyou for your advice i am going to try your coconut oil first

hope it will help



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I use olive oil and wrap my head in cling film and wear a hat to bed might seem mad but it works for me. Hope this helps.

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Hi thankyou for your advice i am going to try Annieseed coconut oil but if unsuccessful i will try the other suggestions



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See your Doctor or Dermatologist and ask for Diprosalic Scalp Application it instantly calms the scalp. Watery consistance with nozzle applicator. Yes.....even in the middle of the night! 100 ml will even fit in handbag. As above, oils can bring great relief but did not work for me. Have not tried the Argon (spelling) Oil, it has rave reviews but is quite expensive.

Salacilic Acid forms the basis of a lot of Psoriasis topicals. There is no cure but I am now on the road to keeping the skin in one piece, well mostly! Mine is Pustular and I am taking Capimune, I am able to walk without pain and have bought a pair of 'ordinary' shoes.

Hope this helps,


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Hi jane thankyou for your advice unfortunately i do not have much confidence in my doctors as i have had wrong prescriptions in the past.

I am going to try the coconut oil first as from Aniseed reply if unsuccessful i will come back to your suggestions



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I would suggest going to a natural food store and asking for neem shampoo. It's natural and soothing

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I suffered with terrible itchy scalp until a friend who suffers with psoriasis suggested body shop ginger anti- dandruff shampoo ( even though its not dandruff!).It's wonderful and really helped. I don't use any other products on my hair at all and for the most part the itchy has really improved. I now only seem to get itching when the sun is really hot and sometimes in the evening but its nowhere near as bad as it was. I'd highly reccommend :)

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I would suggest using Betnovate Scalp Application when the itching starts and it should stop within a few minutes, at most. Also use coal tar shampoo (e.g. TGEL). I have been through what you describe and my condition is well under control. See your doctor. Both are available on prescription, but the Betnovate requires it (steroid cream).

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Hi Henry i tried T GEL and Jasons from a well known health shop but no good I did finally get an appointment from the only good doctor in my practice she has given me a prescription for Nizoral shampoo which i am using at the moment

she said another one to try would be INECTO coconut oil shampoo I will see if this works. if not i will try your suggestion of Betnovate i think i used Betnovate cream when i had a skin allergy on my hands many years ago lucky enough i dont still have that problem

Thankyou for your suggestion will keep you informed

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"House of Mistry shampoos are exceptional - several good ones to choose from t's phenomenal! I have used this shampoo for three years and seriously won't stray from this shampoo EVER! I am very sensitive to a lot of products, and in the past, shampoos that said they had natural ingredients contained horrible chemicals and irritants that damaged my scalp and my hair looked so dull."

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Get Betacap from GP it washable life saver for me as itchy scalp drove me crazy. Tony Maleedy Juniper shampoo helps too. Hope that helps

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