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Itchie skin driving me mad

For the past eight years I have suffered constant ichie skin ,it effects my boobs ,back and stomache,only what i call my soft skin ,it feels like prickly heat ,i think it carnt be as it never goes away ,I carnt wear my bra because any clothing that fits snug to the skin makes it worse ,any heat agreivates it central heating is a no no ,there is no rash to see as such, the only time I can see a rash is when I scratch it ,and then I can see like small bumps under the skin which look like a nettle rash ,if iwas to scratch more then the area would become like little red blood spots that dont bleed the dermatologist tried to tell e it was dry skin ,i new it wasnt over the years I have tried every moisturizer there is ,recently I have found talc or camaline helps ,dermavate will take it away for a few weeks ,over time I have gone through changing my washing powder ,buying and wearing cotton underwear cotton sheets extra these have not helped , last week I rang a private dermatologist secretary, it would cost me two hundred pounds for consultation ,I though worth it if he could diagnose and treat it ,then she told me the consultation is 200 pounds for twenty minutes ,this put me off going so I haven't made any appointment ,I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas from you good people

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Try Evening primrose oil capsules. It may take a month before they are effective. Also try very mild bleach on the areas that itch.

The above are things you can try. They may or may not work. The skin needs skin oil to protect itself from infection. Some people cannot produce the skin oil without the help of evening primrose oil. The bleach helps reduce the bacteria in the skin which produce itching effects.


I will do try evening primrose John ,dont no about the bleach ,I have been showering in hubiscrub ,I believe it is what surgeons used to scrub up before operating





I have used very mild bleach to help with itching do not know anything about hubiscrub.


Are you on the contraceptive pill or hrt ? The reason I ask is estrogen promotes allergies and autoimmune issues - testosterone relieves them so you need to to try something like progesterone cream or DHEA . Progesterone cream moderates estrogen DHEA should supply you with testosterone although for some people it can turn into estrogen in their body.

Histamine could be the other culprit whereby your condition is a response to too much histamine in your body histamine is found in vinegar wine processed meats the list goes on , have you ever tried antihistamines? There is one which is good for stopping the itching I have it in my bookmarks if you want me to look it up,it is only on prescription

So do some research on histamine intolerance, DHEA tablets 10- 15 mg should be enough and also look into progesterone cream, it's very much trying out what suits you DHEA is not available in UK you have to buy it online ditto the progesterone cream Biovea is a brand I can vouch for because I have used them

John smith suggested evening primrose oil which is good for skin so is vitamin A and of course fish oil capsules for omega 3

Good luck hope you find a solution , keep us posted


No Lilly I'm well past the HRT years ,I will definitely look up histamine, my gp gave me antihistamines some time ago ,carnt remember what they were called ,I know they began with an F ,I tried them for two weeks didn't help ,maybe I should of taken them longer ,thank you for taking the time to write


Another tip for you is to have half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in water a few times a day this will alleviate allergic response and will alkalize your body


Funny you should mention bicarbonate, I believe it neutralizes acid ,ihave some stomache problems owing to gallbladder although I have no stones ,sometimes I suspect my ichie skin problems may relate to my stomache

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Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic which I have just ordered on ebay which is good for inflammation and allergies the website selfhacked has an article on it

Might help your condition


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