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Water Softener improves skin condition

I've been suffering of a mild form of eczema since my teens. It's never been really really bad, but it always got worse when the weather got colder. That's when the itching feels like it will never end.

A friend told me she saw an article in the paper saying there's a link between the limescale in hard water and our skin problems, since about half of UK lives in a hard water area (we live in London and it's pretty well known that we have maybe the worst water in UK)

So I reasearched and finally decided to get a water softener from EW Technologies last April.

I have to say THE DIFFERENCE IS MINDBLOWING! The last time I remember itching was in May, and not only is the itching gone but my skin doesn't feel dry after a bath, and even my hair feels silkier. To think all that white limescale scum was actually ending up on my body...

I only wish I had done this years ago, I don't know why everyone's not talking about this.

So there you go.

Does anyone else have a water softener installed?

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You will be interested to know that there is a research trial planned to test the effect of installing water softeners in the homes of families where there are babies/young children and a history of eczema. I think there is a lot of anecdotal evidence but this will be a properly randomised double blind trial. See more about this on the wesite of the Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology.


The Centre or Evidence Based Dermatology have conducted the SWET trial in 2011 and according to one engineer who had to repair softeners used in that trial, the study was not carried out correctly and said that it was an unfair test. That's why now it's being repeated under better conditions.

However, a study conducted in 2016 by King's College demonstrated that: "Living in a hard water area was associated with an up to 87% increased risk of eczema at infants three months of age, independent of domestic water chlorine content. "


But nevermind all these studies. Speaking from personal experience, I can say YES, soft water definitely improved my skin.

And I'm tired of debating this with my friends and everyone, I wish you would all try a water softener and speak from experience..

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Hi, my sister has very hard water, so now I realize that her skin issues might be caused by this. Especially since she didn't have these problems before she moved to Bromley, where I know they have one of the hardest waters in UK.

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy water softening company in London?


I want to get a water softener but I need some advice first.

My kitchen is rather small, I don't think there's room to fit a water softener. Where else could I fit it?

Also looking for recommendations regarding the company. thanks

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@joshuastree - You can ring EW Technologies and they'll answer all your questions regarding fitting the unit and so on. The Customer Care girls are lovely and very knowledgeable.

You should check out the reviews: ewtechnologies.co.uk/reviews

and this is where you can get a great deal from them:



Definitely soft water can work wonders on a skin. Since we installed a water softener in our house, the condition of my my super dry skin improved significantly. A water softener doesn’t only leave my skin feel fresh, it also improves the quality and taste of your water. More benefits of having a water softener here iwaterpurification.com/best...


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