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On going Skin problem for past 4 months

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I'm a 33 year old male, at the turn of the year I seem to have developed / caught some sort of Skin problem. I've been to the Doctors a few times, all they've done is given me creams, steroids etc to use, which dull it down but it never goes away. 

The main symptoms are; dry flaky skin on eyelids and slightly below the eyes, dry flaky skin on my chin ( both area's are red too), it itches too. At the same time I get issues on the backs of my hands, but only in a few select area's (and it always reoccurs in the same , I can feel it coming on, then I get raised lumps that itch intensely and are also red. I have also had a rash on the outside of my left elbow that was like Hives, lots of separated individual red lumps that itched intensely and oozed a watery like substance. It seems to flare up out of nowhere very quickly in all of the areas at the same time, so I believe whatever it is it's all related. I've also noticed lately that I have a very itchy back and scalp. 

I've attached a picture of one of the area's of my hands, it's not so bad at the moment and I'm keeping them very well moisturised. 

Many thanks,


11 Replies
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Hi Scotty,

I would recommend going back to see your gp and ask to be referred to see a dermatologist who will be able to identify and diagnose your skin condition. It is seldom the case of a skin condition being ' caught'. Have you any relatives that have psoriasis or eczema ? Have you changed the brand of your shower gel/ soap/ shampoo or washing powder recently as allergies/ sensitivity's can lead to dermatitis? Also diet can play a huge part with some skin conditions, have you recently changed your diet or taken any antibiotics or meds for infections?

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Scotty99 in reply to Butterfly65

Hi, none of my immediate family have skin conditions. My father has ulcerative colitis and I may also have it, I'm waiting a referral to see a specialist so I'm wondering if the skin condition could be linked to that. A few areas on my hands flared up again later last night with intense itching again.  I got some pictures but can't figure out how to add any more to this site?

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Butterfly65 in reply to Scotty99

To alleviate the itching & if you live in UK you could try E45 itch relief from boots chemist. Also 'sudocrem' is good for reducing redness, it's a thick white cream so best applied before bedtime. Hope this helps, sorry can't  help with the photos or ulcerative colitis but am aware that gut and skin issues are linked. You could try googling the aip diet and leaky gut syndrome but getting  a proper diagnosis is a must really. Many skin conditions can look very  similar so would be foolish for anyone to diagnose you just by viewing a photo. Like I said you need to ring your gP and get an appointment and then ask for a referral to see a dermatologist.

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Yin_FOREVER in reply to Scotty99

Dear Scotty, 

I'm sorry to hear you've been having this problem. There is one thing I would suggest to you, which is more along the holistic pathway that going back to your GP who will continue to give you more creams. If you are willing to be open minded, I would suggest you look into using Aloe Vera, an ancient plant food (no doubt you've heard of it) which has been used for skin disorders and funnily enough been used to assist colitis suffers. As you seem to have both issues I feel Aloe Vera could really benefit you. I am currently a consultant for Aloe Vera, I have a colitis suffer who is currently using Aloe to relieve his symptoms and hopefully reduce the illness entirely. If you would be interested in talking to me about this and how it could help you please feel free to get back to me. Good luck. Nature is the way forward! :-)

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Hi Scotty - you may like to try pure aloe vera gelly on this - and/or Propolis cream. Both made by Forever Living Products.  To be helpful, I can send you free samples in the post if you want.  PM if you think this might be useful.

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Hi Scotty99, have you any resolution from your referral yet? I'm not a doctor and have no medical training but would like to offer this for consideration. I represent MyShowcase and have seen success at relieving these sorts of symptoms with Orba's Goat's Milk Skin Soother. Really gentle but effective, the sensitive skin can tolerate this natural blend, reducing redness, reducing the itch and having an overall calming effect on the skin. If you haven't tried a Goat's Milk based product, it could be a good option. And no, it doesn't smell like goats. It's a pleasant, non medicinal smell, a whipped texture for smooth and easy application. I have a pot on loan at the moment being tested by a gentleman with extensive rosacea, but it's also recommended for eczema, psoriasis, very dry skin conditions. I can let you know how he gets on if you'd like. Amy xx 

Hi There,

I sympathise with you as I have Rosacea. I tell you what helped me was these capsules I'm taking they are amazing and wouldn't do without them. My whole face flared up and was sore painful lots of bumps, spots and lumps and was so, so stressful.

Its a bit lengthy on here to tell you more but happy to private message you if you like. let me know.

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Hi Scotty99, 

As it turns out I had the same thing on my left hand. It started off with just few of those spots and gradually grew to about the size of £2 coin. It happened twice. For months I was hiding it under a plaster because people looked at me like I was contagious. 

I am sorry to say this, but my doctor did not have a clue what it was.

I was also lead to believe that it is a fungal infection and was given an anti-fungal cream to treat athletes foot by the pharmacologist. 

The first time I got the infection I was using a cheap hand cream I got for Xmas. I connected the dots and realised that every time I used that cream within an hour or so my hand started itching like crazy and spots filled with clear liquid appeared. I stopped using it and spots were gone. 

Second time it was my leave-in conditioner- I'd put it on my hair and would not wash it off my hands. Yet again, I stopped using it and spots were gone!

You have to make sure that you use ONLY products which are dermatologically tested- I did and I've not had an outbreak for about a year now. As my body and had lotion I now use Cetraben cream, but E45 is good too. I have also used Garnier body lotions too and my skin did not react to them.

I hope my advice will help you . Good luck.

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Hi scott, it does sound like classic psoriasis, sorry! Usual flare up sites are elbows and hands with scalps being a close second. If you look on the psoriasis association website it has also been found to be linked to stomach disorders. Psoriasis is strange in that it is inflammation which if it happens to be arthritic too can affect other parts of your body including the stomach. It can lead to problems with your eyes because of skin shedding ie more eye infections. Try and be referred to a dermatologist quickly. Unfortunately although moisturising might stop the itching a bit it won't cure it. Calming stress down, avoiding alcohol and sometimes dairy might help too. It comes and goes - I know if mine is bad when it affects my knuckles.

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Ask your doctor to refer you for a skin biopsy if there are blisters and if the rash is on both sides of the body at the same time I suffer badly for years before my condition was probably diagnosed good luck

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I have had exactly the same on face and elbow. I didn’t think they were related though. Dr and dermatologist thought it was fungal, got prescribed dackacort cream which helped but still left with red patches. Have had another flare up today on face, really bad and looks like someone has put a blow torch to my face. I think it’s an allergic reaction to a cream that I’ve been using without any previous issues. It’s the only thing I’ve put on my face that’s been different for months. I think my skin is very sensitive & thin from using the steroid dackacort cream.

Sometimes if a single ingredient is slightly changed in a cream then you can have a reaction, but I think it’s defo an allergy to something....

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