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OCD and Cleaning Rooms

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Has anybody ever had a hard time with cleaning your room when you struggle with obsessive compulsiveness?

I have had a hard time with getting my room clean, and sometimes I’m apprehensive about picking up the clothes that fell on the floor and putting them back in my bin lest I contaminate my clothes.

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Yep, I struggle too.Luckily I have a very supportive husband who has taken over the cleaning. However there are areas/rooms I won't let him clean, in case he "cross contaminates".

So our bedroom has been a complete state for a couple of years, dust and clothes everywhere.

I am working on it, with the help if CBT, exposure and fluoxetine. Each week gets a little better.

I completely understand the fear of not wanting to contaminate clothes, but rest assured the washing machine will deal with them/decontaminate.

If you are not already having therapy/CBT and/or medication, I suggest look into getting some. I ummed and ahhhhhed for a year about taking meds for my OCD. I wanted to try doing it on my own, but it was too tough. I finally decided to take the fluoxetine (started January this year) and I am glad I did. Wish I had done it sooner. It does make it a bit easier.

Don't get me wrong, there are still some things I can't clean/touch, but that list of "untouchables" is slowing getting shorter.

You will need to try and just "do it" and sit with the horrid anxiety feeling.

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Cognitive behavioural therapy

I’ve always struggled with this. I just try to do all the “dirty” chores together so I don’t have to wash my hands so much.

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