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Harm ocd


Hi all my harm OCD is getting the better of me please help it’s so scary

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Hi I have harm ocd too it is awful and scary what type of meds are you Hang in there until you get more help you are not alone on and at what dosages?

Hi. It’s so horrible it knocks me Really bad to think I could hurt anyone or my self!☹️ I don’t take any meds I have tryed everything and nothing has work! X

Hi Happy I hope you are doing better today. Self harm is one of the few forms of OCD I haven’t had but I can understand how hard it must be. I know I have had thoughts of my worthlessness etc over the years due to anxiety and depression related to my ocd. Please please please reach out to someone you trust or call an emergency number if you feel it’s necessary. The thoughts I know feel overwhelming but if you can find a quiet moment reflect that you still have value to the world.

Hi it’s so overwhelming a try so hard for them to pass and it isn’t working at the moment!☹️ stress is a big thing in my life aswell x

Please see a psychiatrist or go to the emergency room. I was crippled with anxiety for two months before I went to the emergency room. They gave me one klonopin at night and I woke up completely unwound. I then went to a psychiatrist because it a long waiting list. You won’t regret it. Please do this for yourself. God bless.

I am on waiting list to see some one so hopefully it won’t be to long. We are in lock down again in England due to COVID 19 so that’s really not helping x

I tried that. I was placed on a three month waiting list. I was going to do it until I couldn’t sleep for three nights. It’s hard to get into the system. I decided I had to take my mental health into my own hands. I finally gave in and on Valentines Day 2010 I went to the emergency room said I was having panic attacks. They gave me klonopin which is fairly standard in the states. I don’t regret anything. God bless.

I have experienced those types of thoughts also, off and on since childhood. I promise you they're quite normal when dealing with OCD. I'm struggling through an OCD lapse at the moment and will still have them. I've realized that sometimes the best way for me to combat them is to just allow them to occur, even have an anxiety attack if I need to, and move on. It really sucks and is really scary, but it will improve. Remind yourself they're just thoughts, nothing more, nothing less. Glad you're trying to get treatment, that will make a huge difference for you. Also, finding the right meds will help also. Just try to remain patient and know it takes time to improve, but you can improve and live a happy life.

It’s just so scary and I also get heart palpitations as well they just come on!☹️ I stuffer really bad from health anxiety

I understand the physical reactions you're having, I have those too. You just have to remain patient, they can and will improve with treatment and/or medication. I often start gagging terribly when I have an intrusive thought. I don't actually get sick though. There are lots of times I feel as if I could handle the thoughts if it wasn't for the physical reaction I have to them. It can get better, I promise.

Thank you so much OCDMom23 ❤️

You might want to take a look at this book. I've found it helpful!


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