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Feeling I have achieved nothing

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I feel like I have achieved nothing. I’m 40 single have been taking care of my dad amd the house since I was 22 following mum’s death. I could never commit to any guy for fear of marriage due to my pure ocd and probably history of abuse at home between mum and dad. Though I am finalizing my phd now, I keep telling myself I have achieved nothing. I lost confidence in myself and I barely take care of my looks. I’ve been jobless for three years with no financial income since the economy of my country is worse than worst! In a nutshell I feel I’m growing old as if I have lived for a 100 years and have no hope that compels me to fight any longer.

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It's time for you to recognize your worth ,,there are loads of folk out there that have never done a kind or descent thing for anybody in their etire life ,you stayed at home put others before yourself,you are studying to get your phd ,and you are fighting an illness that is a tough cookie,like us all OCDers are kind thoughtful (excuse the pun) and caring,you are only 40 that is young some people are only thinking of starting a family at that age,,give yourself a break try and mix with people a bit more don't be afraid or ashamed of your ocd people are not freaked out by this condition as you may think ,1in4 have an anxiety of some type ,grab your young life back ,you are brave cos nobody with ocd is weak ...and that's the truth .find a circle of people and do stuff that makes you smile ,,,,take chances and get out there ,we deserve to have a live ,with fun laughter and happiness

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Thank you dear friend for your kind words. They made my day :) thank you for lifting up my spirits and you are right in every word you told me. I’ll take a pic of your answer to remind myself of your words. I’m here as well for you whenever you need me ! 💕

Not true. Those feelings are a lie. Keep on truckin!

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Thank you dear friend I will :)

Finalizing your phD. is a big accomplishment. You would have had to accomplish a lot to get there.

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Exactly I put in lots of effort and invested all my intellectual ability to get here despite all the tough circumstances I was surrounded by. Thank you for your support my dear friend and I’m here for you as well :)

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No problem. You should be proud of yourself.

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Hi. I am 26 years old, no Girlfriend. Health conditions getting worst due to OCD.

After years of struggling with OCD, I have found out the greatest achievement is having peace.

that something that matters to more than anything else now.

Yes, I have not achieved anything in my life. Hopeful that some magic will happen

but don't worry you are not alone.

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Thanks for your reply. Don’t worry you are not alone in this. As you said the most important thing is to find inner peace and stay away from poisonous people. That’s how I like to call them! Believe me sometimes I feel really well and at peace but once a person bothers me with their behavior or talk, I hit the bottom again.. Peace is the key for OCD.. not all days are the same because I believe miracles do happen.. Keep strong my friend 💕

I hope you will succeed.

Thanks my friend and hope you will become better and keep on fighting!

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