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Getting treatment for my ocd and I'm scared

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So I have the opportunity to be getting treatment for my ocd with the H7 coil specifically used for ocd suffers. What I'm afraid is I've been told that my homework is to list 5 things that cause me anxiety. I have to write down starting from 5 being the least anxiety to 1 being the most anxiety. My anxiety are mental. That means I have thoughts come into my mind which cause anxiety and for the compulsions I ask my husband for reassurance, I pray, or play things or rehearse things in my mind. The appt starts thurs. It will be for 5 days a week lasting for 6 weeks. The success rate is 50/50. I'm already stressing on having to write down things. Some things are very personal and embarrassing I rather not talk about. On top of this the technician will read the 5 things to me. I'm so dreading this!

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I understand some things you would not want to share or talk about. However i feel it would sooo great! I hope it is for you. The ocd is making you feel as if its something to dread and its causing anxiousness when it fears you getting help and weakening it. Can i ask what this h7 coil is?

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It's some device that they put over your head and sends magnetic pulses to the front of your brain.

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What is the h7 device ? I would like to learn more about it yo try it

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Its TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation but, with an h7 coil. They have tms with a 1 coil but that's more for depression

Oh tms? I have heard good things about it. I hope it works for you

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Yes! Tms. Thank you. I'm hoping it does help.

Hi Good news you can find TMS. is the machine from Springway?

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Sorry its brainsway

To Synergy: The only FDA approved TMS machine for OCD is called Brainways.

My son is undergoing dTMS currently using the Brainways machine. The d stands for deep. The TMS coil prior to the Brainways machine was unable to go deep enough into the brain to work effectively for OCD. My son has had 8+ sessions so far and no side effects to speak of. He will need about 30 treatments to complete a full course of treatment. The success rate from what he was told is about 33%. That is what I have found in my research as well. Just hoping he is the 33%. Good luck to you!

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Thank you. Best wishes for your son.

You have to talk about everything and please do not be embarrased about anything. I have recently started cognitive behavioral therapy and it is too hard and anxious ........we can do this

I know this is late, and I hope you are much better, but ERP was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life, but once you get through it, you feel amazing.

Please listen to ur therapist what ever thoughts are coming this disease is like that feel free to express then only u can come out of this compulsion disorder

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