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Schizophrenia and OCD

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I was recently diagnosed with OCD I am 18 years old and this has been a lot to handle. Ive been worried lately about the link between schizophrenia and OCD. I know this is an odd worry but I can't get it off my mind. Can anyone confirm or bring comfort to the fact that this is very unlikely and others have had the same worries? this is all very new to me and I am just struggling with the thought of having to deal with OCD for the rest of my life. Since diagnosed Ive realized how many things in my past were OCD obsessions. I have no symptoms of Schizophrenia what so ever I just get worried that I could "think" myself into it.

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OCD is an Anxiety disorder, not related in any way with Schizophrenia.

Treating OCD involves ERP (Exposure & Response Prevention) exposing yourself to the thoughts (obsessions) without doing/thinking the compulsions (that provide the self soothing) and incoporating any strategies you find fit to eliminate anxiety from your life (Relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, tai-chi, etc..)

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Yes, you are right Schizophrenia and OCD is not related but there are some findings that suggest if a person is diagnosed with OCD than they have an increased risk of developing schizophrenia late in life.

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Dai_S in reply to Albertina_G

OCD is an underdiagnosed Anxiety disorder

In OCD the brain is addicted to the compulsions, making it more challenging to treat than other anxiety disorders. Exposure and Response Prevention is needed to eliminate OCD. As well learning Relaxation (Breathing techniques, etc..) is crucial to overcome Stress and Anxiety (the underlaying causes).

Considering that any form of Anxiety disorder is prevalent 1 in 5 individuals (which is a huge number), and that OCD evolves in at least (underdiagnosed) one in every ten sufferers from anxiety at least 2% prevalence of OCD in general population is very high. Considering these finding, any correlation between OCD and Schizophrenia is very weak to say the least, and not well supported.

OCD is not a marker for schizophrenia. OCS (Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms) is a term coined to describe delusions that are related with Schizophrenia/Psychosis.

There are lots of overlaying confusions whether one with Schizophrenia had OCD or really just OCS, mainly resulting from misdiagnoses and blured understanding of those conditions

One has to remember OCD is Egodystonic (inconsistent with one's fundamental beliefs and personality, not in line with who we are) while Schizophrenia is egosyntonic (people suffering from delusions are comfortable and accepting of their beliefs and see no need to question the presence of such a belief nor the content of it.

"...people with OCD do not appear any more likely than the general population to have schizophrenia"

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Mabelocd in reply to Dai_S

Thank you! I was worried for a second.

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Thank you so much for you response , I’m really ill informed on the topic and needed some facts to reassure me that this isn’t a common issue that people face.

I just want to say....... I love you. OCD has a fear based component. It acts something like it but it is not the same. Your just fearful. Try to remember that you are safe.

Thank you , I needed to hear that.

OCD is a liar that colours your daily thoughts with intrusive thoughts that cause apprehension, anxiety and even depressive feelings. Having OCD doesn't mean one will develop schizophrenia. Matter of fact, OCD people are some of the smartest people as they are very aware of reality. This on its own cancels the possibility of schizophrenia.

Thank you !

It sounds like you are struggling with an obsession that you might have or could develop schizophrenia. I had that same obsession a number of years ago and it was very difficult though it hasn’t been an issue for me for a long time now.

I don’t want to reassure you about OCD’s link to schizophrenia because—if you’re like me—seeking reassurance is a compulsion that will only make your OCD stronger. Good therapy (ERP especially), the right meds, and smart lifestyle choices are what I’ve found to be most helpful. I hope you can get those.

I remember going through the exact same thing I was so scared. The thoughts will wear off in some time

SO many of us with OCD have had a fear of schizophrenia. I used to obsess over this so much. You are not alone. You cannot think yourself into becoming schizophrenic. As others above have said, I don’t want to give you reassurance, but just know OCD likes to trick us into fearing the worst, and thought traps convince us that because something feels like it could happen that it will happen. ERP with an OCD specialist will greatly help you. You’re never alone in your thoughts and fears!

Also, I am 21 and was diagnosed with OCD when I was 19 and also had fears that having OCD meant I had a “greater chance” of developing things like schizophrenia. I think its very common, especially in those of us with OCD, to have these fears. But, here I am at 21, still not schizophrenic, even after years of having a severe fear of it. If you look through my posts I’m sure you’ll find one of me freaking out about this fear lol. It still pops up for me at times because thats how OCD is, but I’m able to shrug it off as just another OCD thought and move on with my day. You’ll get there too. Sending you love xo

Lately I have had this fear. Have you had the fear of developing paranoid schizophrenia?

Hi hope your well!!

I have this fear all the time! It’s not very nice at all ☹️ I stuffer harm/suicidal/fear OCD and I always think I will end up with schizophrenia! I always try to remind my self it’s just a thought & not real and with in time my thoughts pass and my anxiety drops! It will get better we just have to keep our heads above water! Take care❤️

Try and think yourself into being a millionaire, or a goldfish and see how much power thinking something has. ;)

I’ve had the same theme before and due to the stigma surrounding most mental illnesses, I decided to research schizophrenia (not compulsively, I was actually quite scared to do this). I found that we are quite resilient as humans and can find a way to cope during even the scariest situations. That being said, when I began to accept that maybe one day I could receive that diagnosis, and that no matter what I committed to never giving up on the quality of life I deserve, other diagnosis became less scary. Being schizophrenic is usually not the core fear btw. Hallucinations and voices can usually be managed with medication. (People you see on TV are usually untreated or mistreated) It’s usually things like fear of family or friends not accepting you in the same way etc.. Definitely bring this up with your therapist to discover tools that work for you. 🤍

Wow, I must say this whole thread is reassuring. It's good to see how many people struggle with the same kind of thoughts and realise that you are not alone. I hope that your mind has been our at ease and that those fears have vanished

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