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Reoccuring Random Phrases

Hello! I'm new here and wasn't exactly sure which community to post this on, and I'm not %100 per cent sure if I should, but better try I guess. So I've had this problem, I'm not sure how long, but almost every single day, there's some random phrase circling around in my head. They're usually pretty random, sometimes stupid, and range from "fuck off!" to an ad i got once "He cooks, he cleans, and possibly gay???'' to a friend asking me "pass the milk please" one time I had my dad saying "Danka Shane" stuck in my head for a while, and another time I had the vine "Road work ahead? Well, I sure hope it does". I think that explains the randomness of the phrases. I know I'm not the most mentally healthy person on the planet. My mom is trying to convince me to test for Aspergers, due to my awful social ability, and I often binge eat. Though I can't say anything is set in stone because I am putting off going to a therapist. These phrases comfort me, even when they're crude and don't make much sense. I just want to repeat them over and over until my mouth falls off, just for the effect of it. They just circle and circle around me, and I wish they didn't. Does anyone have an explanation of why this is happening?

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Hello there,

The best way to determine the cause of your symptoms is to connect with a licensed professional. It could be OCD or it could be some other mental illness. I know you mentioned putting off going to a therapist, but we would highly encourage you to do so as this is the only way to define what your symptoms are and then begin the process of treatment. You can search for therapists who can treat OCD by using the IOCDF Resource Directory:




I would definitely recommend seeing a trained professional . Usually ocd thoughts are very upsetting to the sufferer. The sufferer doesn’t have any comfort from them and wants them to go away and never come back. As someone with ocd, that’s what I’ve always wanted.


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