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Vaccine information

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I have been offered a pneumonia vaccine I have ETJAK2 and am taking hydroxycarbamide and baby aspirin is it safe to have this I have had coved jab and flu jab and have been okay. Thanks in advance x

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I had the pneumonia vaccine 2 years ago, no problem.

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Tilly_Rose in reply to piggie50

Thank you I want to have it you have put my mind at rest 😊

I’ve had the pneumococcal vaccine, the Pfizer and the boosters. 4 jabs in 4 months. No problem really

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Tilly_Rose in reply to Manouche

Thank you

Yes if offered, take. It is a one off jab, not like flu which is every year.Had mine done last year, had to ask though as it was not offered even though I have ET, no problems what so ever, so go for it.


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Trocken in reply to Superwoman

Apparently we’re suppose to have it every 10 yrs now!

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Superwoman in reply to Trocken

I was told by my GP as I am over 65 it for me was a one off, younger than that every ten years or five if you have underlying health problems. Mine is an age thing 🤪 always an age thing.

Thank you

I had zero problems with the Pneumovax.

I had mine a few months ago, with no issues at all.

I had mine, no problem at all.Am also ET JAK2 , also taking HU n blood thinner

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Tilly_Rose in reply to Lifam

Thank you

Good morning Tilly,

I am 56, very healthy for my 11year ET condition, but was in bed for a month after the Pfizer. I’d collapse after making breakfast and my bed. It also caused leaky veins in my legs. Was just at the vein doctor again yesterday.

To get a vaccine, one must be free of any viral or bacterial infection for at least two weeks. They should not be given in a short period of time, because many will suffer consequences, not all. My 2 year old got rheumatism because the doctor gave the vaccine in a rush, as many do. Time is money.

Also, we are all different in age and have different immune systems. That all has to be considered before getting any vaccine. Also consider the risk factor for getting pneumonia. I had pneumonia 3x at 14, 22, and 30 under extreme circumstances that weakened my immune system and dried my nasal pharyngeal membranes.

My husband had the pneumonia vaccine a couple of years ago. Which in his case helped him. He had pneumonia last year and was in hospital for 19nights. His twin brother also had pneumonia at the same time and he died, so yes have it if offered.

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Tilly_Rose in reply to Jean24

So sorry to hear about your brother in law thank god your husband had the vaccine thanks for your reply I will book it today ❤️

Yes it is, as it is not a live vaccine.

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Tilly_Rose in reply to netty64

Thank you

Hello Tilly,I was given the pneumonia vaccine three years ago, on the same day as the flu vaccine and in the same arm.

My whole arm swelled to triple it’s size and I felt really unwell. I do have minor allergies to a few things, but this alarmed me at the time.

I haven’t had either vaccine since then, but i’m not for a moment saying that others shouldn’t.

For the same reason, I have decided not to have the Covid vaccines either, but for me, I am very much against any medications at the moment, so perhaps not a good example.

Take care,


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